June 12: Chekpeds members join the Bloomberg team in Albany to lobby in favor of Congestion Pricing
June : Chekpeds members and Westsiders join Bloomberg to ask for congestion pricing at Time Square, the Bronx and various venues in the City.

July 9 : Community Board 4 , 5 and 6 host a joint meeting for the City to answer questions on Congestion pricing and listen to public concerns
July 12: Westsiders (WSNA and CHEKPEDS) deliver over 250 petitions in favor of congestion pricing to Assembly member Brodsky and Speaker Silver
July 26 : Community Board 4 votes in favor of congestion pricing
August 14: City is awarded $354 million provided congestion pricing is implemented by January read more
August 21: 17 members- Congestion Pricing panel is appointed

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