As part of the Hell’s Kitchen Transporation Study we had requested that a number of intersections be equipped with split phase signals, which give a exclusive crossing phase to pedestrians. The Department of Transportation came through for us, approving all the intersections we had recommended: 12 more pedestrian crossings to be protected in 2017.   This brings to 34 the number of protected crossings in our district.

Following the death of a bicyclist last week in a mixing zone on 1st Avenue, Transporation Alternatives and other safety advocates started asking for safer intersections along bike lanes, a point we have made repeatedly over the years. DOT  announced that they are starting a study of their treatment of intersections and once a new design is chosen they will retrofit all existing bike lanes. We are delighted to hear of this new initiative that will no doubt  improve pedestrian safety. Not a minute too soon.

See the map below  showing the proposed signal installations  as well as the existing ones.





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