Four years ago, Manhattan Community Board 4 MCB4 sponsored a traffic design to slow down turning cars at dangerous intersections. The design used what is called a ” bulb out” also known as “neck down, or sidewalk expansion” at the corner of a street, so that pedestrians can cross the street faster and cars must slow down in order to negotiate a sharper turn.

MCB4 selected to locate these special features on W 17th street, W 43rd street and W 45th street and 9th Avenue, where fatalities occurred in the past. Fast forward to post-COVID, DOT suggested that bike parking be added to the design. This provides a much needed facility for delivery workers and prevents cars from abusing the space.

Lo and behold, in December 2022, DOT kept their promises and installed these safety features. Yes the paint will have to wait until next year, but they are already fulfilling our expectation.

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