Speak Up and Wear Green at the State Hearings

Friday, June 8th , 2007,

Rally @ 8 a.m., Hearings @ 10 a.m.

NY Bar Association, 42 West 44th Street,Btw 5th and 6th Avenues

The federal government gave Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s congestion pricing plan a major boost Thursday morning, naming New York one of nine cities eligible for a large federal grant to pay for implementing the system.The city could receive up to $500 million from the federal Department of Transportation, which will choose up to five finalists in early August.

We have a once in a lifetime chance to win a safer, and healthier 9th Avenue, green streets, cleaner air and funding for much needed mass transit improvements and expansions in New York City, and we need your help.

If there’s one action you take this year to support greener streets, this is it. 20 minutes can change the future of New York City streets. Show our State Legislators that the vast majority of New Yorkers support congestion pricing as the best way to improve our air quality and fund better transit.

On Friday the New York State Assembly will have a public hearing, here in New York City, on the transportation portion of the Mayor’s PlaNYC: A Greater, Greener New York. The state legislature has to vote to approve significant portions of the transportation portion of the plan. If this hearing goes well and our elected officials see the broad public support for the Mayor’s plan, then we are well on our way to cleaner air, better transit and safer streets; While the Mayor’s plan for congestion pricing may seem like a commonsense solution to a T.A. member like you, many Assemblymembers are still skeptical. And a small but vocal opposition threatens to dominate the crowd in the hearing room on Friday. Don’t let them!

We need as many people as possible at the rally and at the hearing on Friday. Wear green to indicate your support for a greener Big Apple.

Click Here for Details on the Mayor’s Plan

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