Take Action: File Complaints with NJ Transit Buses

Every weekday afternoon our neighborhood is overrun by New Jersey Transit buses: they congest our streets, block our crosswalks, and ruin our quality of life. This problem is not just a nuisance it is a pedestrian safety issue.

We have reached out to the NYPD for assistance and have seen little improvement. It’s time for us to take a different approach, and the first step is to begin filing formal complaints with New Jersey Transit. Every time you witness a New Jersey Transit bus creating an unsafe traffic condition file a complaint on the NJT website

NJT bus Information
Be sure to include the date and time of the incident, the route and bus number, and as much detail as possible, the form also allows you to include an attachment, so take pictures. Keep track of the complaint information in case its needed at a later date. You can log the complaint # in the comments section of this post . The more complaints we lodge with New Jersey Transit the stronger our case will be when we request assistance from New Jersey Transit and our elected officials in finally resolving this dangerous situation. So start filing complaints and share this information with your networks.

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112 Responses to Take Action: File Complaints with NJ Transit Buses

  1. R H LYNCH says:

    bUS RTE 27, BUS DRIVER 40154, BUS NBR 5625 OR 5624

    I am not a resident of Newark however, I am employed in the city . Went to the bank during lunch borrowing my coworkers bus card . On my way back from Santander on William and Broad streets. I made my way to the bus stop nest to Marriott Hotel . I ran to the bus stop which is kinda in front of the Newark finance office 828 Broad St. The bus drove right by mean and stopped and let passengers off in front of 810 Broad St. The indigo Hotel at the traffic light. This made me have to run farther and faster because light was green and wasn’t going to wait.. I asked the driver I’m not sure why you didn’t stop for me and he said that is not the bus stop I bee driving the bus for 20 yrs . I stated sir this is not the bus stop I have caught the bus before at the designated bus stop with a booth and seating . So I’m asking the bus driver questions not trying to argue and he made me ask the question more than once before he would answer and since there was an issue with the bus stop I asked what is the next stop which where I wanted to get off at and he didn’t want to tell me although I pushed the stop request button he finally yelled at me with a general answer . not pleasant not nice I’m not even sure I was dealing with a public service worker . Just rude and discourteous. 20 years of service and this is the product results. YOU- NJ Transit should be ashamed . I am not old and I unfortunately loss my mom in 5/2018 and it just made me reflect on her difficulties as and aged individual using public transportation . This driver surely should know better and should be called to the carpet for his madness…. He wouldn’t not be able to do this in an affluent area they would not stand for it and we shouldn’t either.. so appalling!!! THIS IS A GAME TO THE DRIVERS MAKE PEOPLE RUN AND JUST MISTREAT FOR NO REAL REASON

  2. Justinan World says:

    Maybe if they would stop only hiring minorities they would perform better.

  3. Cidonia Braithwaite says:

    Newark Penn station needs intense cleaning, the homeless situation in the bus line is becoming unbearable, you can’t breathe waiting for your bus in Newark due to the abhor sent of the homeless in the station. Something need to be done. Its unacceptable, iam getting tired of not being able to breathe in the station, it smells like dead carcass. It’s unsanitary and we should not be paying for this kind of service.

  4. vincent arbucci says:

    I take the 197 to new York at Preakness ave and valley road,
    today, January 4,2019,I waited for the 197 bus at 6:32at Valley road and Preakness ave ,
    The 6:32 bus did not show up, the 6;45 bus did not show up, A bus came at 6:53 but was full, the next bus came at 7am and I was able to get on he bus,
    It is too cold to be waiting at the bus stop for so long a wait for the bus,
    Can you look into this,
    vinny arbucci

  5. Veronica vazquez says:

    On route 80 now bus # 7956 driving recklessly. Driving at high speed and cutting people off.

  6. Nadine Mells says:

    I waited an hour for the 72 bus that never showed up. It was very dangerous at the Broadway terminal in Paterson. The 11;20, 11:50, 12:20 bus to Newark Penn Station never showed up. Its on the schedule. The station wa closed could not get any information at all. This is not right. If you going to schedule routes you should let me know.

  7. Rhonda Hughes says:

    Yes I was coming from the airport I work there and I was waiting for the number 39 bus in front of that Israel waiting for the 1023 which did not come until after 10:45 not only that but once I got on the bus because I was asking the bus driver why it was so late it’s very nasty ignored me at first and I start talking to a woman next to me and she said this particular driver driving bus number 6385 was very rude to other people but I’m very appalled that I’m tired and when I push the button to get off the bus he wrote deliberately past my stop and let me off on Leslie and Chancellor I wanted to get off on Summit Avenue and Chancellor I’m just appalled how I now have a 62 year old woman had to walk back up to Summit Avenue in the cold late at night by myself because of this bus driver being very rude please do something with this bus driver it’s not the first time that he’s that people have told me he’s a terrible terrible bus driver your customer service as far as I’m concerned it’s horrible and I will be sending a Written Letter to head out the New Jersey Transit to CEO my name is Rhonda Hughes I live at 81 Summit Avenue Newark New Jersey 07112 again get rid of that guy Not only was he a half hour late but when I asked him about it he deliberately ignores me and then when we push the button to get off at Summit Avenue he rides deliberately pass my stop telling me all I was so busy talking that you know I didn’t ring the bell in time I rang the bell as soon as I got on the bus because the next stop I’m not assume I’m sorry not as soon but as soon as we passed Osborne Terrace I rang the bell for Summit Avenue I hope to hear back from you my number is 862-371-3212 thank you

  8. Karrell Scott says:

    I got on the 70 bus from Vauxhall coming home from work bus number 6386 young female very very rude she had an attitude when me and my brother got on the bus the bus wasn’t that crowded maybe eight passengers as I stepped on the bus she started yelling get in the bus move in move in she screaming to the top of her lungs when I stepped in she pulled off I lost balance I slid Midway to the back of the bus everybody screaming my brother grabbed me I am 53 years old never had a broken bone in my life I fractured my fingers on my right hand trying to hold on and she was speeding off from the bus stop where we got on she was rude I wanted to pay she wouldn’t let me pay she told she waved her hand at me and told me to move away from her as to say I don’t know her name and I want something done she was very rude very rude if someone can please call me at 973-391-3301 to resolve this case something has to be done about this girl she was driving that bus very crazy slamming on the brakes making sudden stops also heard from other passengers that she’s stopped to use the bathroom and left the bus for about 10 or 15 minutes I don’t know that but that’s what they were telling us me and my brother please do something about this driver she’s going to kill someone driving that bus that way thank you Karrell Scott

  9. Evita pagan says:

    Very nasty lady skips my stop every morning. Her bus broke down without me knowing. As I got in the bus she yelled gay slurs to me

  10. Evita pagan says:

    Another bus the x24 a cop came on the bus screaming in my face to show my ticket. This has got to stop now!!!!

  11. Lisa says:

    The 70 bus that leaves Livingston mall at 2:30.. the bus driver needs and attitude check and is always leaving before her time.. it’s not time for her to pull off sees you walking and most times running towards the bus and keeps on driving.. she need to be talked too

  12. Clyde L. Goins III says:

    I have file 3 Complaints and each time your reply, that it will be sent the supervisor. The 168 bus is the only bus I can take to and from work. This morning 3/27/2019 the bus never showed up. I buy a bus pass every month for $60.00 and forced to pay for other transportation. The first bus is due at my stop at 8:09 am. The only driver that is on time is the young lady with the orange scarf. NY buses comes every 15 min sometimes 2 at the same time, But I work in NJ, I don’t feel that’s right for an NJ bus company can’t get the residents of NJ to work on time, and back home… Sometimes it’s the same thing on the way home. You should put 2 buses for the am run just in case the other bus get’s in trouble with traffic or whatever. Please fix this problem.

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