Take Action: File Complaints with NJ Transit Buses

Every weekday afternoon our neighborhood is overrun by New Jersey Transit buses: they congest our streets, block our crosswalks, and ruin our quality of life. This problem is not just a nuisance it is a pedestrian safety issue.

We have reached out to the NYPD for assistance and have seen little improvement. It’s time for us to take a different approach, and the first step is to begin filing formal complaints with New Jersey Transit. Every time you witness a New Jersey Transit bus creating an unsafe traffic condition file a complaint on the NJT website

NJT bus Information
Be sure to include the date and time of the incident, the route and bus number, and as much detail as possible, the form also allows you to include an attachment, so take pictures. Keep track of the complaint information in case its needed at a later date. You can log the complaint # in the comments section of this post . The more complaints we lodge with New Jersey Transit the stronger our case will be when we request assistance from New Jersey Transit and our elected officials in finally resolving this dangerous situation. So start filing complaints and share this information with your networks.

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112 Responses to Take Action: File Complaints with NJ Transit Buses

  1. erik alaerts says:

    On Friday 11/07/2014 me and my wife where on the bus stop to take the 160 time 9.20 Am to NY.
    We stayed for more than 1 hour with no bus. Called information and all the information’s weren’t accurate with the time. Windy and feeling very cold after a while the bus from 9.20 AM to NY never came. It is very disappointed and bad the service that we have in Garfield. Every week at these times the buses always have delays or problems, and passengers waiting and calling but nothing is done to give a better service to the town. What about 3 times late at work the employees will not keep the employer longer on the job because on arriving late every 2 to 3 days a week.
    But that do not affect NJ Transit, but what about the persons that use the service and need to be on time.It is not funny loosing a job because of the bus service is not been kept on schedule.
    The 160 line needs to be better monitored to give better services to the communities

  2. carol pastorino says:

    As a NJ transit customer I am very disappointed to be a witness of one of your bus drivers comments. He said that He had No Boss and He did not need to fallow the schedule. That He showed up at the time that He felt like. In other words He does not care about people waiting on the bus shelters for hours. And there was a witness also. He said that other drivers also did the same. And if they were nother understand time they used the No passenger sing. You are loosing customers because you have some drivers that don’t care about people being late to work. They are just their pay check. It appealed me to here this bus driver. 188 at 9:pm. He also almost ran over me pulling over the bus stop a friends pushed me back. He almost went over the side walk

  3. carol pastorino says:

    As a NJ transit customer I am very disappointed to be a witness of one of your bus drivers comments. He said that He had No Boss and He did not need to fallow the schedule. That He showed up at the time that He felt like. In other words He does not care about people waiting on the bus shelters for hours. And there was a witness also. He said that other drivers also did the same. And if they were late they used the No passenger sing. You are loosing customers because you have some drivers that don’t care about people being late to work or being outside for hours. They are just their for their pay check. It appealed me to here this bus driver. 188 at 9:pm. He also almost ran over me pulling over the bus stop a friends pushed me back. He almost went over the side walk

  4. carol pastorino says:

    This happened today at 60th and Bergenline west new York New Jersey. The reason I don’t buy a bus pass is because I see that the bus drivers like this one don’t care about people they care only of a pay check. You know why ty out are loosing customers in this line 188 It’s because there is a van that keeps the schedule and people rely on him He is only one little van who comes and goes in ededgewater and she fallows a schedule. If more drivers were thinking of Yo it r company they represent you. If more vans came our way and show up on time they would take all your passengers. You need people that not only care about their pay but people. You need to seriously check your bus drivers. Your company is being sabotage buy this kind of bus drivers

  5. Julian Serge says:

    Your 195 bus driver leaving New York is very rude. I was at gate 1 hoping to catch the 7:10 bus. Driver had not yet told the dispatcher the total bus riders on the bus. Yet still could not opened the door. You need to inform some of your drivers about proper etiquette. The lady just looked me while she tells the dispatcher the number of riders and left.

  6. shonda says:

    The bus number 13T 5780 just passed me and another woman at the bus stop she didn’t even try to stop

  7. Robert Willis says:

    On June 20 2015 Transistor NJ Discontinued the Bus Route 56 that served North Elizabeth. This discontinue of service created a very serious for us here in North Elizabeth of getting to work in a timely manner Going Shopping or just visiting because we have to walk in some cases 4 to 5 blocks to hail a bus. Other communities are not having that problem. It is our understanding that the 56 bus line was discontinued because of the Gross income it yield. It is our understanding that Bus service is design to transport consumers within our cities with the understanding that some lines yield more income than others. And that it is TransisvNJ responsibility to serve all communities and not just areas of high income. I will be taking this matter to the City Counsel and from thee to Title iV of the state if route 56. Is not restored Thank You and may God Bless

  8. Ritu Sharma says:

    I board 83W bus since 4 weeks at 4 46 pm from hacknsack and it stinks like a public toilet. Very bad smell comes from the bus. Please clean the bus.

  9. Vanessa says:

    Several people and I where at the 92 bus stop (17226) in Bloomfield at 3:15 on July 27 and the bus did not stop for us despite two people signaling it to stop. This has happened to me on several occasions and I’m sick of it.

  10. Eben Goldworth says:

    Bus #11 at 11:40 am
    Montclair to Newark

    The driver shut the door in my face causing me to fall and drop my phone which broke the screen. Luckily I was not injured. All I am asking for is compensation for my phone. I have insurance on it. So it’s only $ 175.00.

    My name is Eben Goldworth
    30 Warren place
    Montclair, NJ 07042
    CELL # 9739789151

    I don’t want to get my family lawyer involved so please make this easy for both of us. Thanks

    Sent from Fast notepad

  11. Eben Goldworth says:

    Please reply

  12. AlLaquan Jones says:

    As a frequent rider of New Jersey Transit, and a student, it saddens me that every time I ride the 815 (6157) my civil rights are being violated. To support my statement on more than one occasion my wife and I both are constantly being discriminated against as well as harassed by the same bus driver. This sort of behavior defiled the civil rights act of 1964 completely. This is constantly transpiring by the same individual and the fact that I’m a consumer and also a student this type of discriminatory behavior will no longer be disregarded. All in all, I hope corporations such as New Jersey Transit utilize this concern to hire more ethical individuals to represent the greatness New Jersey transportation system represents. In conclusion, I look forward to a response and I hope this situation is handled accordingly.
    Warmest Regards AlLaquan Jones

  13. Luz Restrepo says:

    I usual y taje The 113S bus @7:42 bus to NEW York at five points, during the past year i have always beén late to work because of The New Jersy Transit is mot reliable. Terrible service now I been ridding along with other people from the same route and same bus driver. Today I miss my ride beucase I wasn’t feeling good, after getting better decided to go to work. When to five points to take the 8:04 am bus and to my surprise the 7:42 had not pass it came at 7;56 am. I can’t believe New Jersey transit doesn’t care about the people who need to go to work.
    Bus driver 51467 terrible.

  14. Leslie Lang says:

    I just had a horrible experience. with 114 bus #:8090 Title is pouring rain. She raced thru my stop and did not bother to check properly for passengers. If there was not a traffic light I would have missed the bus had to run and almost fell badly. She then yelled at me. Her bus bus is almost completely empty on a

  15. Odis says:

    It’s now 9:40 AM August 11th, and I been waiting on this stop (Clifton Commons Park and Ride) for about 30 minutes. According to the schedule the 199 bus was supposed to be here at 9:12. This is not the first time this bus is late. One would hope that bus drivers and superiors fallows their schedules. But no, that’s not the story with NJT drives. This is a joke, buses are always filthy and full of trash. It would be helpful to use the money we pay on monthly passes and tickets, for maintenance of these buses. Shame on these people.. I’m sick of these drivers and supervisors not following rules.

  16. Jamelia Hamilton says:

    I think the 83 from jersey city to Hackensack should have comfortable seats that is a long ride

  17. yusef salaam says:

    Hi, I am a 68 year old frequent NJT commuter. On August 27, I boarded bus 190/7650 at 1:45 at Port Authority, NYC headed for Paterson, NJ. As the bus entered Clifton, I felt an urge to urinate; I tried to hold it, but as the bus entered Paterson, I experienced more intense difficulty in my attempt to restrain myself. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and quietly requested the operator to stop by the mall in Paterson because I had to urinate. He, an Asian, became loud and was reluctant to allow me to disembark. now, I had to tell my nature call business to the other riders by announcing firmly to him that I had to use the bathroom urgently. He complained that he could get in trouble with his supervisor if he stopped and let me off. he continued to balk at my repeated requests even noting that he didn’t care if peed on the bus; but finally, he relented. But by then, I was embarrassed and my bladder seemed about to burst, and I slightly wetted myself before reaching the bathroom. Please reply to my letter as soon as possible. yusef salaam 646-318-6629


    today sept 10, roughly 9am, NJ TRANSIT BUS 7166, was speeding on the NEWARK POMPTOM TURNPIKE, past RYERSON AVE and FORD ST,(WAYNE NJ-Mountain VIEW) and dangerously went into “killer bend” starting at ford street…where there large yellow danger signs. This turn has been the site of many deadly accidents in the past few decades and many people have died there. Had there been an other bus or truck comng, there would have been a disaster…. The speed limit after the bed is 40, but he shuldnt have been going 40 or 50, but 20……I saw the number on back of the bus….but couldnt catch up to him to see where the bus was coming from…AND SINCE I LIVE IN THE AREA…I SEE THIS DAILY……ANOTHER TIME A BUS, PULLED OUT FROM A BUS STOP ALSO ON THE NEWARK POMPTON TPK, WITH NO SIGNAL AND NOT LOOKING…… and almost crashed into me,,luckily i swung out and avoided the accident. had there been another vehicle coming, it would have been a head on collison…The driver or Drivers..in our area……from NJ TRANSIT are far from decent drivers.

  19. Deba Frazier says:

    The 5:40 78 came 15 mins early and now me and 3 other Transit customers have been waiting in all this rain and 6:02 has not shown up this is totally unacceptable now were all stuck in rain cause 1 bus comes early and leave and the next bus no show……

  20. Jigar says:

    I always take Route #10 from Jersey city to Bayonne. This bus never run on time. In the morning, from 8 am to 9 am there are four busses scheduled, but only two busses are operated. The route # 88 from 91 St to jersey city have similar situation.

  21. Deanna Grant says:

    Saturday Sept. 12, 2015 bus #7594 flagged the bus stop after slowing downhe nevet stopped i waved to let him know i wanted the bus. Bus stop #12218 at approx. 2:24 pm

  22. dave ming chang says:

    please stop service starting tommorrow. my wife and kids were run over. I am very sad. can you even imagine. If i am to see another 160 bus again ever i will contact proper authorities. so help me god stop all services please.

  23. Deanna Grant says:

    On Sat. 9/12/15 bus operator on bus #7594 at approx. 2:24 p.m flagged the stop leaving me to have to wait 20 minutes extra making me late for my appointment i was at bus stop #12218 on State St. and Meyer in Hackensack N.J operator slowed down then continued in service never stopping to board me. I’m a bus operator in NYC for 22 yrs and that was not providing good customer service. Route 165 local to NYC.

  24. marianne says:

    The dispatcher for the 192 bus at 8:40 pm at gate 234 on 18 September 2015 is very unprofessional and rude. The bus at the gate still had the door open to board but he instructed the bus driver to close the door and leave. Another passenger could not get on the bus as well and got upset too. Would be nice if dispatchers were friendlier and more customer oriented.

  25. Andrea says:

    It’s Monday morning 9/21/15 route number 168 left NY at 9:10am bus number : 7699
    This lady driver is driving recklessly and didn’t stop in two areas even when they waved their hands out . And one stop there were two elderly women in their 80′s and the driver didn’t stop by wood cliff garden stop . And when asked why she didn’t stop . She said the bus stop is on the hill!!! That stop is not at all on a hill she was just flying driving so fast .

  26. Shanayia says:

    The 744 bus that leaves Passaic bus terminal, never comes or always more than 30 minutes this is everyday

  27. Hope says:

    Every day sevice in old bridge p&r get s worse. Have to wait for buses for over 40 minutes and the lines are ridiculous long.

  28. Mr. Rivera says:

    Route 159
    Bus # 7796
    There seems to be a short in all the lights on the inside passenger side. The lights flicker on and off.
    Also the 6th seat down on the same side is completely broken.
    It makes wonder what else on this bus is broken. This thing needs to be inspected and fixed.

  29. Guitar Chick says:

    Omfg.. I looove NJ trains. Busses. Are. A. Nightmare.
    Either the bus doesn’t stop. Doesn’t show up. Or they over charge you. I’ve walked home several times.. Due to them not showing up or stoping. Being a woman getting off work late to stand in a dark bus stop. Its scary. I am also a guitarist. I need to lug my gear here and there. So me being a woman with pro gear on my back in the middle of the night I SAFE. I have no rides of my own and no car. All is progress but Nj transit needs to be more aware and HELP PEOPLE IN NEED. Especially from a long day at work and all you want to do is go home and relax n not wait for the next three busses to not show up..

    I’ve had a few negative experiences. One bus driver told me to “get the fuck off” his bus. I am not a rude person. I was asking him if he knew if he stopped at a cirtan stop and he was furious. I got off work at 9 walked home with my guitar in hand and got home at 12am. Wow.. If something happens then what?…

    Today not a big deal but I was over charged I always pay $1.60 and he charged a dollar more. Look I know its a dollar but as a working musician I hardly have enough for one bus ride. Plus how many times has this person over charged people. Where is the money going? Saddly I have to deal with rude people and wish it wasn’t this bad.

  30. Tyree says:

    If they would run on time , it wouldnt be so congested. Was at port authority waiting for the 107 for the 2:15 bus , and it never came -_- i had to camp out downstairs until 6:00 a.m . Then they expect to to pay $6.00 going to new york and back . NJ transit is horrible

  31. E Woolford says:

    The 607 which is to arrive at my stop at approximately 8:45 a.m. Monday – Friday has been consistently late since a new driver was assigned in September. When I say late I’m not talking 5 minutes I’m talking upwards of 25 minutes. He has been on time only twice since driving this route.
    When he’s out the bus is on time, so why is he always late?

  32. Sylvia says:

    Is 531pm iam waiting for the 40 bus toward North Arlington at 510 the bus just pass i waived my hand the driver just look at me and he didnt stop iam rigth here at the bus stop in South Street and Adams Street hope somebody tell him because is cold and dark

  33. Kirby says:

    You people all do realize this is not the NJ Transit website?…

  34. Donna Wilson says:

    I have already filed 2 complaints with NJT with regard to bus 409. Especially during evening rush hour at the Broad and Cherry St. stop in Phila. The buses generally fail to make complete stops for passengers. They expect you to waive them down. I am 5 mos. pregnant and had to chase down the 409 bus to get on. The 409 pulled up behind what I believe was the 412 bus, which had decency to sit at the stop for a few minutes for potential riders. The 412 was directly at the stop and well lit. The 409′s signage was dim and the driver was not visible. I made my way towards the bus when it began to pull off. It wasn’t there for more than 30 sec. before attempting to leave. I then ran to get the drivers attention. She didn’t see me. I then alerted another person waiting to please flag the bus. The bus started to slow as I ran for it but then picked up speed again. I screamed for it. It then stopped at a light but when it turned green I thought the driver was going to pull off again. I made it to the bus in pain and very angry. I had a few words with the driver and paid my fare. I hope I’m not marked for this. I dont know how much more discourtesy I can take from these drivers on this route. I will be forwarding this account to NJT,but wanted to post here while I am still aboard this bus and my account is still fresh.

  35. Neetin Ranade says:

    To New Jersey Transit
    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I had the most nasty experience on New Jersey Transit Bus Number#68 today (01/20/2016). This is on the first bus that leaves Transportation Center in East Brunswick (6:09 bus); I gave the driver exact change $7.75 and told him that my destination was Newport Jersey City. The driver was a African American Gentleman. He kept saying that the fare was $9.00 ! I told him that I take this route every day and pay $7.75; also for added convenience I offer exact change so as not to hold up the line. He refused to listen to me. I asked him to call the dispatcher. At that point he got up from his seat and physically pushed me out of the bus (in other words I was assaulted). There were numerous passengers that were witness to this incident. It was extremely insulting and intimidating. I am also registering a complaint with New Jersey Governor’s office. I then had to take the next bus (6:27 am) and that driver accepted the fare of $7.75 !

    You call this customer service ? Are your drivers trying to make a buck out of unsuspecting customers ?

    Please let ALL your drivers know that fare from East Brunswick Transportation Center to Newport Jersey City which is $7.75 and not $9.00 !

    If there is a video that you record on the bus, I would like to get a copy of it. I think this is my right. You can also review it. Furthermore, I am of Indian Origin; so when I insisted that the driver should verify the fare and charge me the right fare he asked me “Are you a terrorist ?”. This is how you treat your passengers. I am an upright, law abiding citizen and he had no business calling me that.

    I did ask for the driver’s name. he would not give it to me. This is the first bus #68 out of East Brunswick Transportation Ceenter to Newport.
    I hope you can redress the issue. Courtesy of a reply is expected.

    Neetin Ranade

  36. David Shim says:

    To whom it may concern. Sunday January 24th I left my job and 6 o’clock. I got on the train at 6:25, path train(33st). I got to Journal Square about 6:50. That’s when I found out that is only going to Journal Square. Not to Newark New Jersey. Which was no problem , because I thought I could take the number 1 bus to get home. There were people waiting for that same bus since 4:30. They claim, which now I believe. After waiting for over hour. I go looking in Journal Square for information we’ve already asked 2 bus drivers, and I ask some track workers . There is no information desk at Journal Square to ask. Nobody knows anything!!
    I notice a 125 bus to New York. I pay $4.50 to go back to New York. To get the 108 bus back to New Jersey which cost me an additional $450.
    This was all because of the snowstorm that was predicted a week ago, what was going to happen. The reason I bring this up is that you had nobody to tell us what to do. If I was told at 33rd Street PATH train that there was no train going to Newark. I would have walked down to Port Authority to take the 108 bus. I got home at 11 p.m. I normally get home by 7:30 all because you didn’t have people to tell us where to go. It’s kind of dangerous for bus drivers and other people who work with you not to have any kind of information to help the public. The reason I say this because, someone is going to say the wrong thing to the wrong person, and is going to be a serious incident. All because they had no information to tell anybody. Sunday was the worst I’ve ever seen New Jersey Transit handle this situation. You had time and still made major mistakes I am very disappointed in your organization thank you for your time. David

  37. latisha beown says:

    So the bus drives pass me 114 route 8 was suppose to come at 1140 am didnt come until 12 drove pass me to drop someone off. The bus driver act like he didnt see me I was hanging onto the open door screaming took him a couple of minutes before he actually realized what was going on before he says sorry he wants to argue thats the kind of people you guys hire?

  38. Mr. Rivera says:

    156 and 159 buses just blow by people waving their arms waiting out in the cold to a partially filled bus.
    I have even been on a bus and watched as we passed groups of people watching in disbelief that the bus that they take every day did not stop.
    What is going on here?!?!? We have to get to work and could lose our jobs because buses are not stopping most likely because they’re running late and are skipping stops to catch up.
    This needs to stop!

  39. C. Dakay says:

    The 3:30PM 772 from Meadowlands to Bergen Community College has once again failed to arrive for the second time, February 26th 2016. This also occurred on the 24th, leaving me forced to await the 4:30 instead. Half the time, the bus has been 15-25 minutes late. As someone who has been taking the bus for quite a while now, this is absolutely unacceptable. Please resolve this issue as soon as possible.

  40. Angel says:

    Today I was on bus rout 83, I take it every day for work at 7:00 am and arrive around 7:35 am. Today the bus driver was going so slow that I arrived at work at 8:00 am. The bus number is 5885 and the driver was J. Jones. This is aggravating to get to work late.

  41. Rakhi says:

    The bus number 175 just passed me at the Saddle River Rd Knott Terrace bus stop at 9:32 am on 17th March. She didn’t even try to stop and just went away. I had an interview and could not make it because of that.

  42. hope plantarich says:

    nj transit bus needs to stop parking in front of washington twp gloucester chickfila on thursday and the driver go to bingo and the bus route 5348

  43. DENNIS says:

    Waiting for 20 mins on platform 212 at Port Authority to get on 128 bus.

    The “Starter” decides to open door that is exclusive to 168 bus to let in passengers behind me into 128 bus. When I doubled back to jump on the bus, the starter refused to let me through platform door, leaning against the door and getting my fingers caught.

    Tapping on door, he turned to me and screamed that I had no right to push the door open. When I tapped again to tell him my fingers were caught he yelled and cursed me out, pushing door harder on my hand, telling me he didn’t deserve having the door opened on him. I finally got my hand out, customers in shock and allowing me to get on 128 bus. My hand wrapped in a paper towel from my bag, my fingers on both hands cut, scraped and bleeding.

    The starter continued to scream about me having no right to push open the door and he didn’t care that he was allowing customers behind me and a few others to cut in line. I told the starter I would file a complaint with NJ Transit and he told me he “didn’t fucking care”.

    I would have called the police but i didn’t want to be late for work. This starter is a older man, say 65, about 5 feet 7 inches tall, balding with auburn and gray hair on back and sides, wears glasses and has thick accent. Very rude to me and other customers even before this incident but this was the last straw. I have pictures of my fingers all cut and scraped.

    I filed a complaint with NJ TRANSIT and I expect immediate action or I will be calling my lawyer. My suggestion is this man be immediately terminated from his work position. I think an apology from the starter is warranted and I feel I should be compensated in some way for my fingers and the embarrassment I was put through.

  44. Brian says:

    Bus number 753 on main st. Did not stop for me. I was 1/4 way in the road and he didnt stop. I want something done about this. And i put my hands up and m.ein the road didnt phase him. Please do something be4 he reallys hurts someone.

  45. Leslie Lang says:

    I was not feeling well and thought I had my ticket. I had exact change. The Dispatcher Douglas Donvan was cruel and did not let me on the bus. The driver that knows me for many years was willing to let me on. I am now very dizzy and probably going to call a Ambulance . Once I recover I am going to spend every day of my life making sure this man gets fired

  46. JOELYA BOBBITT says:

    I get real sick of NJ Transit bus drivers not yielding properly almost causing accidents!! Just had an incident in Englewood NJ #6093 cutting me off cause he didn’t yield! STOP BULLYING YOUR WAY INTO THE INTERSECTION!!

  47. Yvonne Delories says:

    NJT transit driver on the 409 bus to Burlington, NJ (bus no. 7560). It was supposed to leave 10th and Market at 8:06 p.m. was a bit late and this driver was blatantly ignorant to ME for no reason! I was standing at 10th and Market St. in center city Philadelphia, PA (USA) this evening waiting at the NJT bus stop … the driver slowed down then rode right past me! I ran to 11th and thank God someone else was also catching this bus so I was able to get on and I asked the driver if he stopped in Willingboro, NJ, he said yeah then I gave him my money for the fare. Then I said you drove right past me at 10th St. Why didn’t you stop? He just looked at me ignorantly saying NOTHING. And I said/asked SIR don’t you stop at 10th? He said NOTHING and just looked at me then gave me my change of 5 cents and I asked AGAIN and he then said he makes all stops. So I said but you didn’t stop for me! WHY NOT? He said you want to go to Willingboro? I said yeah then I found a seat on the bus. I could NOT BELIEVE HOW I WAS TREATED and disrespected! Seemed to me that this man doesn’t want to keep his job w/ customer service skills like that!! And I know if I had been a man he would NOT have spoken to me like that. Oh yeah, he had the nerve to be friendly with all of the other riders and holding long conversations with them while he was driving. I heard him say he started his shift tonight at 2:30 p.m., he has a wife, plays the lottery, and if he wins the lottery the bus will be rocking from people drinking and partying on the bus; he doesn’t want to pay off his credit cards and is planning on going on a trip and buying a bed (I heard ALL of his conversations). I was unable to get the drivers name. I am reporting this ignorant and rude behavior as well as not stopping at a designated point.

  48. Artur says:

    Route Number: 320
    Board Number: 7130
    Date: 5/11/2016
    Time: 6:15PM
    Driver name: He refused to give it
    Employers Number ID: 41798

    It was a trip from Secaucus, NJ to PABT NYC. I have never seen a more dangerous driving in my whole life. Driver was very nervous. We cut-off everyone on the road if cut-off was possible. I asked him to drive the bus more careful. His answer was like kind of barked in response. After tolls, just before the tunnel, in front of us stood a black Jeep and the busdriver did not like it. So what did he do? In heavy traffic, he moved down the line that divides the flow, overtook the Jeep and began to squeeze him out of the line, trying to get up in front of him, without releasing horn. Just because he did not like that he stood in front of him. As we arrived PABT, I almost turned gray from such driving. I think NJ Transit should be more attentive to the selection of those who submit application as a bus-driver. And extra psychological test would be very useful.

  49. Scott Reeves says:

    I stored my guitar under the BUS I was on tonight and when I got off the bus to get it, the driver tried to drive off while the compartment was still open. All the luggage under the bus was flying out and I could’ve been seriously injured if he hadn’t stopped in time. Unfortunately, I didn’t recite the bus number. All I remember is that it was a 139 bus going from NY to Lakewood that was scheduled to leave Port Authority from gate 321 at 11:45. This guy needs to be stripped of his job before he puts more people in danger.

  50. Leslie Huascco says:

    I dayly commute in the bus #40 is always running like 40 or more minutes late is gettj. Out of hand and also coukd you supply more drivers because we all need to get to work on time…

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