Major Citywide milestones brought about by many activists: we are thankful to Transportation Alternatives, Families for Safe Streets, Open Plans, Streetsblog, Streetspac , Riders Alliance, Tri State Transportation Campaign and many more for their efforts in changing the big picture

Top three :

  • DOT published its first ever pedestrian mobility plan that classifies all the sidewalks in New York city and assigns them a target width to accommodate the pedestrian flow.
  • The speed camera enforcement program was expanded to 24 hours a day;
  • The complete street bill was signed into law; “Whether you’re on the sidewalk, in the bike lane or riding the bus, you deserve a high-quality trip that gets you safely to your destination,” Governor Hochul said. “Transportation is all about connections: bringing people closer to their jobs, their homes, and the people they love. I’m proud to sign two new laws that will make our streets safer and our communities more connected.” The complete street law will allocate more state funds to those projects that include bike, bus and pedestrian facilities .
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