This public meeting is subsequent to the next Committee Advisory Committee, on March 14th .

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Ted L
Ted L
13 years ago

9th & 42nd , protect the south pedestrian crossing of 9th.

While I can understand the turning time allowance, most pedestrians cannot. Or may ignore. In either case. it’s a danger. and the vehicles are always trying to make the light and often go thru the RED.

We either need traffic officers at all times, cameras and fines, unmarked police cars to ticket. And seize auto with outstanding unpaid tickets.

Perhaps felony charges when driver has committed an illegal act while hitting a pedestrian. New York is a walking town.

Also, another bad spot: Crossing 8th Ave at 42st St, North Side. Same problem as above.

A solution may be the same as on 6th Ave. Crossing 50 feet from corner.