The Clinton Hell’s Kitchen transportation study is picking up steam again. It looks like we may have a public meeting in June (keep your fingers crossed) where we can finally see proposed solutions.
The DOT asked us to confirm the intersections where pedestrians need protection from turning cars within the study area ( 8th to 12th Avenues, 29th to 55th Streets).
Post a comment below with your suggestions.

To remove any ambiguity, please provide the information in the following format:
9th & 45th,  protect the west pedestrian crossing of 45th
9th & 42nd , protect the south pedestrian crossing of 9th

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Robyn Voshardt
Robyn Voshardt
13 years ago

9th & 55th, protect the south pedestrian crossing of 9th
Heavy pedestrian traffic because of Alvin Ailey adjacent; lots of children & fast cars!
I live on 55th between 9th/10th and have already seen one pedestrian struck by a vehicle while crossing 9th on the south side – while they were well within the pedestrian crosswalk GO light. Cars traveling west on 55th barely slow down if they have a green light to turn left onto 9th Avenue (or jump the light at the first sign of green). Visibility at that corner is very poor due to narrow sidewalks/bldg setbacks and adjacent parked cars blocking the view. Delivery bicyclists also travel the wrong way (ignoring the light) up east side of 9th Ave and you can’t see them coming until they’ve almost hit you. I urge you to better protect pedestrians crossing this intersection as soon as possible. AND WHERE IS THE PROPOSED BIKE LANE? Thank you.

George Hall
George Hall
13 years ago

Trying to get from my home at 42nd and 11th is taking your life in your hands. Actually, every intersection between the river and Time Square all the way across 42nd street is extremely dangerous. The traffic police aren’t much help to pedestrians as they frequently wave vehicles into pedestrians attempting to cross the avenues. The left hand turns on 42nd street should definitely be eliminated. Real Estate developers have been allowed to create housing for thousands of residents west of 8th Avenue but have taken NO responsibility for the safety of the residents on the streets. The city and developers need to partner to solve this issue!

Christine Berthet
Christine Berthet
13 years ago

Here is the feedback we received by email:
Martin Treat
9th & 43rd, protect the west pedestrian crossing of 43rd
9th & 43rd, protect the south pedestrian crossing of 9th.

I realize the south crossing of 9th Ave at 43rd had already been recommended as an exclusive pedestrian crossing in split phase with the turning traffic and I’m all for that and hope protecting the 43rd street west crossing is compatible with that as well. As I understand it, “protection” means that the traffic light delays vehicles from turning until the pedestrians can cross and variations on that. The count down method for pedestrians is another and bright white cross hatch paint, etc. Thanks again for your work on this and I look forward to safer crossing in my neighborhood, Martin Treat

Allison Tupper
10th and 46th, to protect pedestrians crossing on the east side of 10th, from south to north (cars turning right without looking or slowing down)

Ted L
9th & 42nd , protect the south pedestrian crossing of 9th.
While I can understand the turning time allowance, most pedestrians cannot. Or may ignore. In either case. it’s a danger. and the vehicles are always trying to make the light and often go thru the RED.
We either need traffic officers at all times, cameras and fines, unmarked police cars to ticket. And seize auto with outstanding unpaid tickets. Perhaps felony charges when driver has committed an illegal act while hitting a pedestrian. New York is a walking town.
Also, another bad spot: Crossing 8th Ave at 42st St, North Side. Same problem as above. A solution may be the same as on 6th Ave. Crossing 50 feet from corner.

My life is at risk when I cross several streets:
9th Avenue and West 42nd Street. Protect the southeast pedestrian crossing 42nd Street AND the southwest pedestrian crossing 9th Avenue. The advance turning yellow light that allows cars to turn south from the east side of 42nd Street onto Ninth Avenue south is run by all cars, trucks, and buses. Pedestrians DON’T see or ignore the signs as well. Cars from the west side of 42nd Street that turn south onto Ninth Avenue ALSO run the red lights and on the green lights, turn without waiting for the pedestrians to cross. IT IS ONE OF THE MOST DEADLY intersections in New York City.
The second most dangerous crossing is 9th Avenue and West 41st Street. Please protect the west pedestrians crossing both north and south on 41st Street. Cars RACING to the Lincoln Tunnel turn West from the TWO southbound lanes on 9th Avenue unless there are police or the Port Authority Transit directing traffic. One is FORCED to cross AGAINST the light in advance of the bus traffic going west on 41st Street from the bus terminal. Perhaps a permanent non-turning middle lane divider to prevent turns?.
At 9th Avenue and West 57th Street, (Why is this not included in your survey!!) please protect the south pedestrians crossing 9th Avenue both east and west. The advance light for traffic turning south onto 9th avenue from the east side of 57th street is almost as bad as 42nd street. WHY NOT HAVE AN ADVANCE GREEN CROSSING LIGHT FOR PEDESTRIANS in the three intersections?
10th Avenue and West 42nd Street, please protect the north pedestrian crossing 10th Avenue AND the southwest and northwest pedestrian crossing 42nd Street.
At Dyer Avenue and 42nd Street, please protect the southeast pedestrian crossing 42nd Street. (In addition to those existing cars from Manhattan Plaza garage turning onto 42nd Street across from Dyer Avenue. Thanks. JS

West 55th Street Block Association
I realize this is outside of your study area, but I’m compelled to mention — west crossing on 57 St and 10 Ave is Russian roulette. I dodge northbound traffic turning west on to 57 St. Drivers don’t even look for pedestrians before turning as they assume a green light means they have the right-of-way to not only continue north on 10 Ave, but that they have the right-of-way to turn left into oncoming pedestrian traffic as well.
The south crossing at 57 St & 9 Ave has a separate light for traffic turning south onto 9 Ave that is offset from the walk signal. something like this could help greatly at 10 Ave and 57 St.

9th & 51st, protect the south pedestrian crossing of 9th.
(Also from bicycles. I’ve seen bicycles hit-and-run two people since January 2010. One required bystanders to call an ambulance, but the victim turned it down because she did not have insurance).
9th & 51st, protect the east pedestrian crossing of 51st.
(Also from bicycles. I’ve been hit once since January 2010).

As you are aware, the intersection of 58th Street and 9th Avenue (Columbus Avenue) is quite a dangerous intersection for pedestrians due to the amount of vehicles turning left onto 58th Street.
Would it be possible to extend the study area north as far as 58th Street and include that intersection?

Cathleen @ PS51
Can P.S. 51 name 45th & 10th as a dangerous intersection? So many students cross there and drivers are sometimes negligent about being even more safe if schoolchildren are in the area. I am concerned about students crossing from the southeast corner to the southwest corner, and from the northeast to the northwest corner.
I am also concerned about students crossing 45th street on the west side of 10th avenue.

Joan @Manhattan Plaza tenants association
We don’t have a 43rd Street Block Association, but from the MPTA:
9th & 43rd protect the south pedestrian crossing of 9th.
9th & 42nd , protect the south pedestrian crossing of 9th

9th and 51st street, protect the south pedestrian crossing of 9th avenue

Mary ( by Phone )
43rd & 9th, Crossing south leg of 9th
45th & 9th crossing the west leg of 45th

50th & 10th Crossing north leg of 10th
52nd & 10th, Crossing north leg of 10th
52nd & 10th crossing the east leg of 52nd
53rd & 10th crossing the north leg of 10th

from 50th to 57th on 11th Avenue , more crossing time for pedestrians

13 years ago

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13 years ago

I would like to see less traffic on 9th and 30th Street we get tour buses, trucks ect…and drivers just speed down the street! The DOT needs to address everyones concerns regarding traffic safety. We need to keep the pressure on the make these changes!

Christina Morrissey
Christina Morrissey
13 years ago

42nd and 11th south crossing. It is the scariest of the many difficult crossings along 42nd and 43rd streets…much worse than the 10th Ave crossings. Cars try desperately to make a light to hurry and wait in line for the tunnel. If the traffic cops halt traffic, people honk incessintaly, and often try to drive around the cars in front. They are often on the phone or checking mail and not paying attention to what is happening. There are accidents every week, and many near misses with pedestrians every day.
I would like to see enforcement of Cell Phone and Gridlock laws in the area. One big problem is that all the official looking people claim that it is not their jurisdiction. Traffic cops say they can’t write tickets, the closest police are “task force” who say they only imvestigate, precinct police say that it is a Port authority issue because of the tunnel, and Port Authority police claim it’s a local issue.
With thousands of new reisdence in the area, and no transportation, we need protection crossing earlier in the afternoon. Gridlock can start as early as 2:00. The police should be there before the kids are trying to get home from school. And they should start writing tickets.

catherine klemann
catherine klemann
13 years ago

West side of 40th & 9th Ave. Leading into the Port Authority bus terminal. I live down W40th St. Drivers disregard crosswalks, move onto the crosswalks while waiting for the red light to change, or try to beat the red light, end up blocking the crosswalk. Pedestrians have to walk around, out into the intersection and dodge the oncoming buses, lots of buses to dodge. Confront these drivers and they laugh. They just don’t get that they are endangering pedestrians. And the buses are notorious for doing this.

Drivers yammering away on cell phones while driving right through yellow and red lights, and traffic cops who see this and do nothing.

Idling buses. Late at night, buses idling for more than 5 minutes. I’m coming home in a cab and can’t be dropped off in front of my building because a bus is idling there. My block is dark and desolate.

A Aukeman
A Aukeman
13 years ago

9th Ave & W. 41st Street, protect west pedestrian crossings of 41st
9th Ave and W. 40th Street, protect east pedestrian crossings of 40th (Port Authority)
9th Ave and W. 39th Street, protect east pedestrian crossing of 39th Street
9th Ave and W. 38 Street, protect east pedestrian crossing of 38th St

All dangerous traffic patterns relating to Lincoln Tunnel. Buses, especially those turning east off 9th Avenue into the Port Authority, are perhaps the worst offenders.

Christine Berthet
Christine Berthet
13 years ago

Pete Diaz , board member
8th Avenue and 49th Street, protect west crossing , many many injuries dn fatalities there ..
8th Avenue and 51st Street, protect west crossing, a nun was killed there
8th Avenue and 52nd Street, protect north crossing

Elke Fears, 47/48th streets block association

9th Ave & 41st Street, protect the west pedestrian crossing of 41st (to Lincoln Tunnel entrance)
9th Ave & 45th Street, protect the west pedestrian crossing of 45th (same as your sample)
9th Ave & 48th Street, protect the south pedestrian crossing of 9th
8th Ave & 49th Street, protect the south pedestrian crossing of 49th

Dave Mack
13 years ago

As bad as 8th, 9th and 10th avenues are, I must agree with those saying that 11th ave is the worst. I have worked in the neighborhood for over 20 years and have now lived on 11th for about 2. The intersections of 41st and 42nd and 11th are ridiculously dangerous. I personally have witnessed several accidents or the immediate aftermath. Including what I was told was a fatality. The cars are all rushing to get to the tunnel. You have these double length buses flying down either 41st st or 11th avenue on the way to the depot at the end of their shifts. One bus driver one evening took the turn onto 41st st too fast and smashed the hell out of the phonebooth on the corner. The traffic cops who are there, (and only at rush hour) indeed are more interested in keeping traffic moving then letting pedestrians cross, even when we have the green light. It is VERY dangerous and crossing the street often feels like something out of Death Race 2000. They also put up no parking, no standing signs on 11th between 41st and 42nd st. (probably to help the buses going to the depot speed along) but because if this there is no buffer between the traffic and the sidewalk. A year or so ago my wife witnessed a car trying to beat the light hit another car broadside which caused one of the cars to spin out and fly up on the sidewalk. Blind luck prevented the pedestrians standing on the corner from getting mowed down.

They NEED to do something here before there is a pedestrian fatality(ies)

Team Chekpeds
Team Chekpeds
Reply to  Dave Mack
13 years ago

Dave that sounds horrifying. We have asked for protection there as well.

Concerned Block Association Member
Concerned Block Association Member
13 years ago

Hey Dave,

Amazing that you were there! I was one of the three pedestrians on that corner!! I was returning from the Chinese Consulate and was facing the intersection while talking to a friend. I saw the accident and pulled her off the corner, as her back was to the intersection. The only reason that another pedestrian walking towards us wasn’t killed, was that the car ended up on the sidewalk and hit a heavy stanchion that pushed the trash can towards the temporary construction wall, instead of hitting him. Christine, you MUST do something! FYI, my friend is related to a CB4 member!


Dave Mack
13 years ago


Yep. My wife was one of the people. She said it happened so fast that it wouldn’t have been possible to get out of the way. Blind luck.


Joanna Spencer
Joanna Spencer
13 years ago

One suggestion is to have better signage marking 1-way streets around the far west intersections of Hell’s Kitchen. As a resident on 41st and 11th, I notice that corner, and many around it, have problems with vehicles turning onto a 1-way street THE WRONG WAY. This also happens with vehicles picking up/dropping off at the Silver Towers cut-through, and coming out onto 41st st then driving the wrong way on that 1-way street. And with 11th Avenue’s split personality of 1-Way some places and 2-way other places, there is simply added confusion. Add to that a majority of cars with out-of-state plates entering and exiting the city via the Lincoln Tunnel and there is a terrible recipe for disaster (some witnessed by me and my husband).

Another suggestion is to put in speed bumps along 41st between 11-12th aves. City buses zoom down that block to the depot as well as other vehicles trying to get to the highway ASAP. Sadly that block has a poorly designed playground/public plaza/dog run that has refused to put up gates to shield children from traffic so it is especially unnerving to watch vehicles go over the speed limit and “free-range children” in such close proximity. It seems speed bumps might be an inexpensive and easy way to address the speeding.