If you were still wondering why three terms is one too many, here’s the quote from a Monday story about the death of 6-year-old Amar Diarrossouba:

“We deploy our police officers when they’re not doing other things,” he said. “We have signs. We try to educate our kids.”

“Parents also have a responsibility to talk to their kids and explain to them that they have to look before they cross and not go out without supervision,” the mayor added.

Notice that Mayor Bloomberg conveniently ignores that the kids were well educated since they crossed in a pedestrian crossing with the walk signal, while the truck driver was violating the law by not yielding to pedestrians. And let’s not ignore the implied question “Where was the nanny?”.

The mayor was not speaking off the cuff. On his radio show in January, Bloomberg said: ”[W]e don’t enforce the automobile traffic laws or the pedestrian laws as well as we should. The police have a lot of things to do. They focus on the most serious things and when have time, do these others.”

Yes the police has a lot of important things to do like stopping and frisking  800,000 innocent who happen to be darker skinned people while pedestrian deaths are not taken seriously!

Meanwhile we still have not heard from DOT on how to fix 41st Street.

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