In 2007  our community came together to envision how  9th Avenue should be improved. The result was documented in a report called ” 9th Avenue Renaissance

The installation of the bike lanes and pedestrian refuges are the first phase of this redesign you have been waiting for.

We are also delighted that, on 41st Street and 9th Avenue,  a microplaza has been created, by reclaiming one lane of traffic . This is in keeping with the design recommendations of the 9th Avenue Renaissance .

We are very fortunate that Joe Restuccia and CHDC accepted to maintain the plaza, provide the plants and water the plants. Shanti Nagel, Director of Community Cultivation at CHDC is leading the effort.  The Port Authority gave us access to water. Thank you Joe and Shanti and Steve Napolitano, Director of the Bus Terminal!


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11 years ago

[…] extended pedestrian  zone was created on 8th Avenue between 42nd and 43rd Streets and a micro plaza we had envisioned during the 9th Avenue Renaissance was created at 41st Street and 9th Avenue . […]