Now, that  the Parks Departement has planted nearly all the trees (15 more will be planted in the fall) on the bike lane median, we will be working towards filling the tree beds with plants to prevent trucks and  buses to knock off the trees.

First step is to learn from the experts, the Chelsea Garden Club ,  which has done a marvelous job.

chlesea garden

You are cordially invited 
to the  Second (sort-of) Annual
Chelsea Garden Club Pit Tour Saturday, July 13th @ 10 a.m.
Eighth Avenue & 22nd Street
(at our composter in front of Foragers)

The tour will start at 22nd and (if everyone is game, make a side trip to 23rd and 7th to Kent’s gardens) then proceed South to 17th and Eighth then over to Ninth Ave and stroll north up as far as Cynthia’s pit at 30th then back to Eight Ave and down finishing at 23rd. (You might want to bring a folding chair, or your bike). Ask questions and enjoy the hard work of our neighbors to the south.

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