Pedestrian Delight: Artwork on 9th Avenue


This week, a whimsical totem IMG_2454R
appeared at the Southeast corner of 35th Street and 9th
Avenue on the bike lane.

Looks to me like three monkeys hailing a cab !   For sure it is a playful sight: every visitor stops and takes a picture!

The sculpture is the work of a renown Chinese sculptor, Tang -Wei Hsu,  who is currently in residency in New York. It was sponsored by DOT’s urban art program.


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2 Responses to Pedestrian Delight: Artwork on 9th Avenue

  1. Evel Knievel says:

    I see some motorcycles displaced by the new green area on Dyer Avenue, now parked on bicycle spots.
    When will the DOT tow trucks remove the rest of these?

  2. Christine Berthet says:

    the motorcycles are generally parked outside the racks in the spare space at each end , a regulatory no man’s land… we all need to share 🙂

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