Cross-Hudson Bus Service a Worthy Landing Spot for ARC Funding | Mobilizing the Region.

According to Tri-state Transportation, Whether ARC is built or not, trans-Hudson commuting into and out of Manhattan is expected to increase by 25 percent by 2030, according to NJ Transit’s numbers.

According to ARC’s final Environmental Impact Statement, the project would have shifted daily 11,530 trans-Hudson bus trips and 31,590 trans-Hudson car trips to rail by 2030.  Assuming an average bus capacity of 35 passengers, more than 1,230 additional buses will be needed to meet that demand in the absence of ARC. Another 473 buses will be needed to accommodate the baseline projected increase of 16,538 bus trips that would occur even with the tunnel. That’s another 1,703 buses needed by 2030 to accommodate this growth in cross-Hudson trips.

Today there are 177 bus parking spaces on Midtown west side . How will we accommodate this new demand?

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