The exchange today between DOT and the members of the City Council Transportation Committee got testy at times : “There are crash data, can you publish them monthly?” ” No they belong to the NYPD … ” WHAT ?
The hearing covered a series of bills to institutionalize pedestrian and bike safety into DOT’s operation.

In its testimony CHEKPEDS suggested that the DOT compare their safety suggestions to best practices from a cost and efficiency standpoint. WE believe that elected officials and not engineers should make life and death decisions like – how much should be invested in road features to prevent fatalities.
We also suggested that statistics be available on the number and types of summonses that are issued in connection with crashes, and how many of the cases are forwarded to the DA’s office.
Penn South was well represented, and complained bitterly on the lack of pedestrian crossings fully protected by left turn signals in the new segment of the 8th Avenue Bike lane. Such pedestrian safety features had proven very effective on 9th Avenue.
Many advocates fo the blind people spoke of the imperative to measure progress in street safety for blind people and of the need to include all ADA compliant features in the safety tool kit.

Council Member Gale Brewer has introduced a bill to publish ALL the information collected by the city agencies .

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13 years ago

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