What We Did:Members Convene on Busy Street Corner

15 members of the Clinton/Hell’s Kitchen Pedestrian Safety Coalition applauded Scott Stringer yesterday on 9th Avenue at 38th Street. A press conference was convened by the Manhattan Borough President at Ramp C to the Lincoln Tunnel. He disclosed the results of his study of gridlock, titled:


According to the study, certain intersections of 9th Avenue are in the top 4 in Manhattan for the number of cars “Blocking the Box”. 9th Avenue has become a highway to the Lincoln Tunnel.

Mr. Stringer explained, “Of the intersections surveyed, 51% had a traffic agent present but no tickets were issued! – because of lack of enforcement.”

The Results: The Manhattan Borough President is asking NYPD to direct its agents towards enforcement of existing laws. He is also asking for more severe penalties and for a campaign of education and public outreach.

On July 12, 2006 two agents can be seen at this intersection on 9th avenue monitoring Gridlock

The segment was picked up by the POST
and by NY1 at the 6 PM news.

For the full Report

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