Long Distance Buses have consumed a lot of energy in recent weeks: After CB4 sent detailed letters to DOT asking that a number of conditions be met, including the weighing of buses to ensure they were compliant with current laws, our elected officials, led by Senator Duane,  stepped up their efforts and jointly asked the State DOT to increase scrutiny on those buses. We understand the Port Authority Police started to weigh the buses on Dyer Avenue late last week. (finally putting to productive use this unwelcoming area !).

Meanwhile, a coalition of bus operators who pay millions of dollars to the Port Authority to use the gates , are suing the DOT for creating an unfair competitive environment: Megabus is also located on prime resale estate at the Port Authority but does not pay any gate fee.

On the legislative side, a law S4313 (Golden) is being discussed in the New York State Committee on Transporation, that will require a permit for these long-distance buses to use any of the curbsides in the city. In the congress Senator Schumer’s bill passed the senate, which would require buses to post  a safety ranking in their window (like letters on restaurant windows).

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