Tri State Transportation and CHEKPEDS called a press conference to bring attention to the overwhelming bus saturation in Hell’s Kitchen and Hudson Yards , ahead of a Board meeting of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The Port is considering giving $ 1,2 billion in guarantees to Larry Silverstein to build a third tower at the World Trade Center.

You can here the WNYC interview here 

The story was picked up by three media and aired on WNYC.  Property developers,  CHEKPEDS board members, and Other BIDs joined us as well as CB5 , state elected representatives and the Tour Guide unions of NYC.

Later that day, at the Port Authority Board Meeting , Commissioner Ken Lipper proposed building a bus garage instead of giving yet another $ 1.2 billion in guarantees to Larry Silverstein. see Ken Lipper below :
board meeting @ 1:43:05
Here are the press report
board meeting @ 2:18:00 Chekpeds and TSTC.

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