Press Conference
Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at 11:30 a.m.
Port Authority Bus Terminal, Manhattan, 42nd Street entrance, West of Citibike Station

We need your help! On Thursday , the Board of Directors of the Port Authority will vote to give Larry Silverstein another  $ 1.2 billion in guarantees to build a fourth tower at the World Trade Center, while the first two towers have yet to be fully rented.

Some Commissioners at the Port Authority think these funds could be better used to build a bus garage, and renovate the bus terminal and they are speaking up about it.

We could not agree more: CHEKPEDS and CB4 have repeatedly advocated for such a garage which is still not included in the Port Authority most recent capital plan. See what we have to live with in this quick video of 10th Avenue:


Over the last 10 Years, with the increase in commuter and long distance buses queuing and parking on our streets, our community has suffered enormous traffic congestion. The asthma rate for our children is the third highest in Manhattan,”. Bus gridlock prevents pedestrians from crossing the streets and retail stores see their revenues plummet. With each residential tower replacing a bus parking lot, the problem has escalated to crisis proportions. There should be no higher priority for the Port Authority than building bus terminals and garages to service bi- state bus commuters’ needs, whose numbers have swelled up by 23 percent in 10 years. The Port Authority has a moral imperative to prevent this crisis and alleviate the hardships imposed on a growing community, including many seniors and lower income tenants.

Join us, Tri State Transportation Campaign and HKNA to add your voice and support to this issue.

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