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Congestion Pricing will help Clinton Hell’s Kitchen

  • to reduce the number of individual cars
  • to free up pedestrian bicycle and bus space to implement bus only lanes
  • to improve air quality and reduce our high level of asthma ( the second highest in Manhattan after Harlem according to the Department of Health)
  • to enforce gridlock laws
  • by adding buses to the M104 an M42 routes and new cars for the A, C and E lines
  • to support our vision of 9th Avenue

Congestion Pricing is the only way to

  • obtain immediately $ 345 Million in Federal funding for transit Improvements
  • to raise $ 30 Billion in transportation Capital funding

Congestion pricing is democratic

  • only  6% of the population commutes by car and 80% of those do so by choice and not by necessity .
  • the average revenue of a car commuter is about 25% higher than a bus commuter

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