PANYNJ deloresOn June 30, 2016, at the most recent Board meeting of the Port Authority , Community Board 4 Chair, Delores Rubin and CB4 co-Chair of Transportation Committee, Christine Berthet, asked the Port  Authority to slow down the process and give time to the International Design Competition’s contestants to absorb community input and factor it in their submission. AMNY

See video at 0:28:27

Earlier last week , Chairman John Degnan agreed to set up a Town Hall  in July for the 5 competitors to hear directly from the Community Board and other interested civic groups. The August 8th deadline for submissions would leave competitors with 2 to 3 weeks to incorporate the input, an unrealistic timeline, that would make the input essentially irrelevant.

Prompted by the press, the Chair said that he does not want to rush the process and was open to delay the deadline if, after hearing the community input, the contestants request it.

This is indeed great news for our community, and we appreciate the Port Authority’s Chair commitment to the earlier board resolution to seek significant input from the community and the city.


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8 years ago

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