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We cannot thank you all enough for your enthusiastic participation, your hundreds of ideas and your wonderful spirit. PPS was an exceptional partner in this enterprise. But we are not done! On June 6th , Community Board 4 will vote on a motion to support the findings of your report and adopt them as the official community vision. It will then become the base for the community input in the federally funded engineering study of Lincon Tunnel entrances with a particular focus on pedestrian safety and 9th Avenue. DOT and NYMTC have started to gather data for the study which will formally kick off in September. You will indeed be fully included in the process.

Join us at the full Board and Express your support

Wednesday June 6th , 2007, 6: 30 p.m.

Roosevelt Hospital , 10th Avenue at 58th Street

Thank you for your massive participation to the survey

The option for two moving lanes ( option C) came out as the least realistic , with a preferred ranking of third. The option with three moving lanes and only one parking lane (Option B) was most often chosen in second position. However every one agrees that three avenue designs will deliver a healthier, pedestrian and business friendly environment. All of this and more is included in the report.

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