12-02-081A whole team of DOT experts joined the community members to tour the AM peak hour dangerous or congested locations . Representatives of the Signals division , Highway division, Transit, etc.. joined in to observe the conditions and dynamics at various Lincon tunnel exits . 





On Wednesday, December 3rd, another group toured the locations from 29th Street to 44th Street which experience most ocngestion at PM peak hour. Lincoln Tunnel entrance queues , and pedestrian congestion were noticeable in many locations.  The bus congestion on 10th Avenue was overwhelming.



 On December 4th, another group and many community members toured the north part of the study area, highlighting the numerous charter buses idling and 11th Avenue flows , northbound and southbound .


Congratulations to Andrew Lenton , the DOT project manager, for an outstanding  organization inlcluding warm up stops and for bringing such a large participation from the various divisions of DOT. The Port Authority attended the last tour and elected officials representatives joined us at various points.