Yesterday in front of a packed room DOT described the many improvements that have already been implemented in Hell’s Kitchen as part of the study. Because they are diffuse many attendees were surprised that so much has been accomplished. You can see the whole presentation Here

Increasing Pedestrian Safety

  • Increased pedestrian crossing time by 25% at all intersections on 8th and 9th Avenue to accommodate senior’s walking speed of 3ft per second
  • implemented Lead Pedestrian Intervals  at six crossings to give pedestrian a head start in the crossing.
  • Implemented High visibility crosswalk with Set back stop bars at 6 intersections.

Reducing Bus idling  and Improving the Air

Reducing Traffic Congestion

  • Signal timing was feathered down on 9th avenue to reduce congestion below 47th Street
  • “Don’t Block the Box” signs were installed at three intersections ( 42, 43, 44)
  • Left Turn Lane was created on 42nd Street
  • Bus stop was relocated at 42nd Street to allow turning movements

The community was very grateful for these adjustments. However there were loud and universal complaints of NYPD’s lack of enforcement .  Calls for further enforcement drew applause.

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