Our heartfelt condolences
To our neighbors and friends of  Fulton Houses
Who mourn the death of Kumo, an eight year old boy.
He died after being hit on 17th street.
The SUV was racing to beat the  light.

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Pedestrian Safety is Job #1

The “new DOT” is moving fast and all problems cannot be tackled in one day. Priorities must be set, and in our book , none is more important than pedestrian safety.
11,000 injuries and 163 deaths annually would qualify as a national disaster if they were all happening in one day .. but they keep happening year after year .. Pedestrians are the most vulnerable group of all those using the streets. They are also the most numerous and diverse: even drivers are pedestrians , rich and poor, all of us.
New York City has the highest proportion of pedestrian casualties per crash, but still New York City counties (except Queens) do not have a Traffic Safety Board. The pedestrian safety equivalent of the Surgeon General is required
Read about Our Efforts this year

Enough Studies – Lets Fix It The solutions exists . The funding is there : $ 4 billion in Federal Transportation fundswill be allocated to New York City for the next five years . What is missing is the will and focus.
Earlier this year CHEKPEDS and CB4 called for a Pedestrian Safety Summit. It is time to raise the urgency and get the Communities and the Agencies together to address this critical Health Issue.

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Co founders
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