After Chekpeds board member Chana Widawsky sent a terrific letter to our elected officials, on the risks to the bicyclists on the Hudson River Park Greenway,  Senator Brad Hoylman rallied all the elected officials whose district includes the Greenway and they collectively sent a very strong letter to the New York State Department of Transportation asking for a study and  immediate remedies. West-Side-Highway-DOT-State eelcted Letter

“These incidents and the data show the pressing need to improve safety on the West Side Highway.”… “Overall, however, the West Side Highway lacks many of the basic and innovative traffic calming devices and programs that are used across the city, such as narrower lanes, bulb-outs, speed cameras, red light cameras, greater use of Leading Pedestrian Intervals, appropriate pedestrian crossings, and Improved Driver Visibility”

We could not have said it better and are very grateful that our elected officials and Senator Hoylman are taking charge of this issue, which has been orphan for so long . Thank You .

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eric riggs
eric riggs
7 years ago

One of the best and easiest things to improve the situation for bikers over there would be to enforce the no pedestrians rule -yes you plugged in/tuned out joggers- on the bike path!
They have a lovey, wide open space along the waterfront to run, yet constantly
choose to ignore the posted rules and instead run in/congesting the bike lanes.
If a cyclist so much as sits on his or her bike where the pedestrians are supposed to be, we are slapped with a ticket… why can’t that strict enforcement work the other way as well?!