We all love the beautiful  sights and quiet the snow brings to the city, but walking in the street the day after is no fun at all and often downright dangerous. This last storm amplified what we already knew: cars receive the royal treatment, with  swift snow removal and their snow being piled high along the curb, making the cleaning by homeowners and businesses exceedingly difficult; bike lanes remain untouched for days, and the sidewalks and corners of pedestrian crossings are impracticable as they are left to the goodwill of adjoining merchants.  In some places the walking path is barely 3ft , or zero when in front of a construction sites. Bus stops or shelters are completely impracticable.

Clearly the system needs an overall to take in account the new reality of millions of commuters walking in the streets and a growing number of bicyclists going to work. If the city really wants to get back “on its feet” quickly it needs to take care first and foremost of moving its pedestrians and cyclists.

STREETSpac has initiated a petition to get a hearing at the City Council Transportation Committee  SIGN THE PETITION HERE



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