16659074501_9d921bf177_bin 2006 Carl Nacht was killed  by a vehicle in the Hudson River Park, on the greenway. On 2016 another person was killed on the greenway at Chambers street.

CHEKPEDS sent a letter to the Department of Transportation and the Hudson River Park Trust late last year to alert them of the exceedingly dangerous situation at six intersections – all in our district- where the vehicles have a green light to turn into the park, while the bicyclists and pedestrian have a green light to proceed . While this is the same situation at crosswalk all over the city – and this has proven deadly in many instances- here  bicyclists and walkers have a heighten expectation of safety because after all THIS IS A PARK and people should be able to enjoy the park without dangerous interferences from vehicles.

The press picked it up and we received number of testimonies from park users who have had near deaths experiences at those intersections.

The Department of Transporation responded promptly and gave us assurances that the solution being studied for Chamber Street will be deployed at all the other dangerous intersections. Hudson River Park & Trust also responded pledging to fix all intersections.

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