The Zoning text amendment resulting from HKNA et al vs Bloomberg settlement is in effect, and for the first time, New York City zoning text acknowledges that limiting parking is consistent with the objectives of Transit Oriented Development.

Best of all for the community, the current inventory of parking existing and in construction is at or slightly exceeds the Hard Cap. As a result no net additional parking, be it  as of right or otherwise, should be approved unless existing capacity is removed.
And the 1,000 car garage below the boulevard is gone ..

Few other notable changes have been added since our original press release of the settlement as follow:
1- The cap has been reduced to 5,084 ( from 6,084) to account for the 1,000 spaces reserved for the eastern rail yards.
2- DCP web site will be updated to more clearly reflect the calculations
3- the “Purpose” of the rezoning now reflects that the amount of off street parking will be “limited” consistent with the objective of creating an area with a transit and pedestrian neighborhood character .

Many, many thanks to all of you who have worked, helped and cheered with us since 2005. From funding the lawsuit, to preventing a change to the Clean Air Act state implementation plan in Albany , to helping with framing language that will become a milestone.
This is excellent news for the West Side.

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13 years ago

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