When we met with Andy Byford , the new head of New York City Transit, he declared being very focused on accessibility. His 10 year plan is proof that he was serious .  Now the Coalition of Block Associations againstthe L train who had filed a lawsuit against both DOT and MTA, has already settled its MTA portion: the stations that are not yet ADA compliant will be be made so , either as part of the L train repairs  or shortly thereafter. Community board 4 resolution on the L train has highlighted this need as a top priority. This is excellent news and indeed so logical. See the full details in Chelsea Now .


At the request of Martin Treat, chair of CHEKPEDS, Community Board 4 Transportation Committee formed a working group to promote an ADA compliant design for store entrances. Many businesses are located in old buildings which are not ADA compliant.  Designing an ADA compliant  entrance is challenging on avenues and streets with narrow sidewalks . The working group will propose designs that achieve ADA requirements while leaving sufficient space for pedestrians . This should help disabled persons as well as businesses who have to fend off class action lawsuits .

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