Filling your car tank at a gas station is a commercial transaction on private property. When did the MTA, DOT and others decide that electric charging should take place on public property, and further block sidewalks? Do we need to remind everyone that walking is the greenest of all transportation modes?

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NYC Taxi News
2 years ago

Electric Vehicles are the best way for auto transportation.
How to recharge is a problem that needs to be solved.
Those who can do it privately on property they own is a must.
The best way for others to charge would be places that battery swap.
In order to do this a one size fits all battery should be for all vehicles.
The ability to swap should be built into the vehicle so this can be done quickly and efficiently and for low cost.

Team Chekpeds
Team Chekpeds
Reply to  NYC Taxi News
2 years ago

exactly the right approach . we agree .