to  hear directly a number of safety concerns residents have brought to our attention about traffic management and traffic enforcement at various intersections in our district and  help us resolve these ongoing safety concerns.

CB4 Transportation Committee
Wednesday, May 18th, 2011 – 6:30 pm
Holland House, 351 W 42nd Street, Piano Room

From PS 51 lack of resources and enforcement,  to waving cars into pedestrians, to abusing the whistle and general lack of enforcement, many issues need addressing. Your voice is important.

Here is the full agenda:

  • NYPD and Pedestrian safety
  • MTA bollards at 31st Street
  • Speed Humps 15th street (8th and 9th)
  • 47th – 48th street – residential only signage
  • PS 111 Street Sign Change Request West 53rd Street
  • Long Distance Bus Stop at 9th avenue and 33rd
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C. K.
C. K.
13 years ago

How about the intersection of 9th ave. & w40th st. Motorists constantly block the crosswalk at the red light, try to beat the red light and end up complete blocking the cross walk so pedestrians have to walk out into traffic, dodging buses coming into Port Authority. Once a year since I’ve lived here, 1998, a pedestrian has been killed at this corner or within a block of this corner. This intersection seriously needs police traffic management.

Team Chekpeds
Team Chekpeds
Reply to  C. K.
13 years ago

Yes! Come to the meeting