Take Action: File Complaints with NJ Transit Buses

Every weekday afternoon our neighborhood is overrun by New Jersey Transit buses: they congest our streets, block our crosswalks, and ruin our quality of life. This problem is not just a nuisance it is a pedestrian safety issue.

We have reached out to the NYPD for assistance and have seen little improvement. It’s time for us to take a different approach, and the first step is to begin filing formal complaints with New Jersey Transit. Every time you witness a New Jersey Transit bus creating an unsafe traffic condition file a complaint on the NJT website

NJT bus Information
Be sure to include the date and time of the incident, the route and bus number, and as much detail as possible, the form also allows you to include an attachment, so take pictures. Keep track of the complaint information in case its needed at a later date. You can log the complaint # in the comments section of this post . The more complaints we lodge with New Jersey Transit the stronger our case will be when we request assistance from New Jersey Transit and our elected officials in finally resolving this dangerous situation. So start filing complaints and share this information with your networks.

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146 Responses to Take Action: File Complaints with NJ Transit Buses

  1. Stoimen says:

    Buss 159r from Fort Lee, NJ always late, today like many other times late 45min. I can believe this happening in USA.
    The greatest country in the world.

  2. Robert M Haywood says:

    NJ transit lmao you guys are laughable and I know this complaint will go no where. Im sure none of you will even read it. Im gonna start organizing to get these complaints dealt with. Today I had the worst day of being involved with your company as a customer. I had court in Patterson today and used your 190 bus route to get there from Secaucus WOW its sad that your drivers care not one little bit for their riders. They often put our lives at risk with their HURRY HURRY HURRY attitude. speeding up to the stops, hitting the breaks really hard because they are simply traveling way to fast. I had your diver try to beat a light in Patterson today at Main and Grand Ave in trying to beat the light he drover around a smaller bus that was stopped at the stop (the whole time my wife and I were waving him down but he tried to pass us) the only reason we were even able to board the buss was because he did not make it (trying to beat the red light) Then as we were boarding he spoke in a nasty way to my wife telling her that she needs to wave her hand to stop the bus much earlier. what the hell. we were both waving he just did not want to stop. This so called man was very nasty in the way he spoke to my wife. Im on parole and if I was not I would have yanked him off the bus and showed him that you do not talk to a woman in that manor. My wife even though still treated this jerk with respect. I kept my mouth shut because I dont want to go back to prison for killing one of your drivers. Is there a problem with what you pay them? (the drivers) do you guys over work them? what seems to be the problem. Many of your drivers talk to people like they are less than human. Let me ask this would you like a waiter serving your food to you to be nasty and treat you like you have no rights? I thought not. Now that your divers are protected by the law just a little bit more (yes I looked into how much trouble I’d get in for rearranging your drivers face) they seem to feel they are untouchable. well I’d like to let you know that much of the way they drive and behave is just way over what should be acceptable from a large company that says in some of its advertising that it makes “streets safer” and ” Less traffic””less stress” how do you guys figure this. because one thing for damn sure is the streets are a lot less safe with your drivers on it. I filed a complaint today about this man whom also called me an asshole as I was getting off the bus. he did this all just because I said to him “i’d tell you to have a nice day but you probably cant because you are so miserable” and your driver yells at me in front of his bus load of passengers “YOUR AN ASSHOLE” its really nice to see that many of your bus drivers seem to have mental health issues. you are opening a can of worms in not doing anything about all the complaints on your web site. I’ll tell you why. Im going to look into this and have lots of time to pick thru all your web sites and phone numbers to see just how I can get on the phone to start shaking things up a bit. and if that dont work Ill find other ways to DEAL WITH YOU. Im so tired of paying a lot of money and getting the worst possible service I can get. Some of your drivers are very good people but your company seems to be hiring from the bottom of the barrel. Im going to start video taping this specific driver because this is not the first time I have had words with this man. he is nasty hateful and racist. I know you will doubt this because everyone says black people cant be racist. that is laughable. your diver even called me white trash. how that works when I wear a suite that cost more than anything he has ever owned is beyond me. that being said i will catch him doing these things on video and I will be posting them all over the net and showing the mayors (of which Im friends with) in three towns the route 190 goes thru Im so sure that this will have some fall out at some point and some jobs will be lost actually Im looking forward to it NO im gonna make it happen. You now have an enemy and a formidable one at that. Im gonna make it my business to start getting this behavior on tape and I’ll even send copies to the local and New York News stations. Im sure they would be interested in a driver using racial slurs to his passengers. Lets go Game on

  3. Marie says:

    NJ Transit bus 78 Secaucus to Newark drivers should always have the ok to call if 280 is backed up with traffic and not have their passengers sit on a bus for a extra hour. this happen last night at 4;25 pm going toward the Harrison exit we asked the driver to call to get a ok to detour and he would not do it. this is not the type of service that you should be given. bus # was 5830 driver # 490230. please handle this and let the drivers call when their is backup on traffic on 280. thank you.

  4. Jasmine jones says:

    The rus route 5917 is the worsest ride I been on , we almost got into plenty of accidents, she drives to fast ,ran helps stop signs

  5. Ivon canales says:

    Bus 6 denial to stop at corner of pearsall ave and ocean ave at 1:54 on octubre 19 2016 I’m sure bus driver saw me wast’n no obtacles in the bus stop

  6. Will Report says:

    Location: Kinderkamack, River Edge, NJ
    Bus#: 7715
    Date: 10/19/2016
    Time: 6:30 AM
    Bus Route taken: I don’t know it, but it could very well be from New Milford to Paramus
    Origin: I think New Milford
    Destination: Well the incident happened in River Edge

    I take this route on Kinderkamack Road through River Edge every day to go to work in the morning. Every single day there is an incident just like this one and even worse, I have seen people go into on-coming traffic lanes to avoid these buses when they pull off a bus stop. This morning the same thing happened and I am just so fed up with the buses pushing their weight around and risking the lives of me, my family, friends, and public. The video clearly shows the hazard lights on while the bus is pulled over to load passengers so I am driving and going to pass on the left hand side, than the driver guns it off of the bus stop as though I never existed with his hazard lights still on. By the time the driver is in my lane with no respect to my life or those behind me, he/she than takes off the hazard lights and put their left blinker on? TOO LATE… could of killed someone. I had to slam my brake pedal to avoid this close accident. Please take care of this matter in a strict and swift manner, this is happening every single day everywhere. You can start with this driver as an example. Attached to this, I will be sending a screenshot from the dash-cam footage that clearly shows the Bus# as well.


    Please remind these drivers that what they do is a “SERVICE”, not a death sentence to others on the road.

    Thank you.

    Picture attached:

  7. Piotr says:

    the bus route 160 from elmwood park to ny i live in garfield its sunday afternoon im going for a work interview to the city i get to the bus stop 15 min before so i wont missed it and what happen ? bus came late 15 min and when i was wave my hand so the bus can stop he just passed by me like nothing i was jumping and waving but he skipped the bus stop . the next bus is in the next 1 h 20 min because is sunday so i missed my interview for work i wont let this go without any consequences for a driver

  8. Jamie says:

    The 154 is late as usual. To and from the city. I’ve been here since 745pm trying to get home. The 8pm never came so now after my loooong day I have to wait for the 9pm? This is brutal man please fix this!!!

  9. Tara says:

    Your 551 driver from Atlantic City is very very rude and disrespectful. She is late boarding and late leaving everyday. I also blame the guy who backs the buses out. He is ALWAYS LATE. And this driver never ever has a name plate. Everyday is a problem with her attitude. And forget leaving on time. Then she wants to race down the expressway to make up for leaving late. Absolutely riduculous. I have a monthly bus pass and its so aggrevating. This needs to be addressed IMMEDIATELY!

  10. Douglas Bader says:

    The 320 North Bergen park and ride 611 am bus was a no show so I just wanted to thank NJT for my time wasted standing in the cold for 40 minutes with over 60 people people also trying to get to work. Oh and the Best part is two NJT buses drive by us with the out of service light on just to add more irritation to our morning.
    Thanks NJT

  11. Adam says:

    The 160 bus that goes from Elmood park to NYC is always late in the morning . Today the 6:15 bus didn’t show up until 6:30 am . I was waiting at midland ave Wallington all the morning . Would you get this bus organized ? It s Shane that the monthly payments increase and service is bad . This is winter and it s had to wait in the cold for late bus drivers !!! It a bit hard to send bus drivers on time ! Do your job right !

  12. Jc says:

    Since I seem to be having the same problems as listed above and nobody’s in your company seems to want to do anything about it I’m going to accidentally throw my hot coffee on your driver. Had similar issues above nasty abusive drivers. Hope they like fresh black coffee. I will claim oops maybe you should slow down and your face wont be scolded. Fight these lowlifes!

  13. Dan G. says:

    NJ Transit bus coming off GSP Cranford exit at 7:30 AM.
    Cut me off while turning into left lane and ran a red light off Route 28 heading to Cranford at 7:35 AM.
    Eventually, this so-called driver will get into an accident.

  14. Dan G. says:

    Just wanted to add from my prior statement.
    License on the bus was OYA8744.
    Beware anyone who drives this route of this unsafe driver.

  15. Carlos says:

    Bus 160T express from fairLawn/saddle brook. There is a 650am that is always late, the supposedly 710am that doesn’t get to N Midland Av until 715-718 which is when another express is scheduled to go past there. Always late. Today I am at the bus stop before 710 and I don’t get to port authority until 845am? Wtf this is only getting worse. Does anyone want to get together and start gathering signatures to try and really make a change… does anyone know where we can start official complaints? It seems that after reading many of the posts here real change needs to be happen.

  16. Jc says:

    Today 722 driver was 35 minutes late. After giving up and walking back. Saw the bus and flagged it. He stopped. He said find a sign. I said i waited over a half hour and was walking back to call. He said fuck you sit down. I asked for his name. He said my name is fuck you. I said i pay for a ride. I expect a ride thats it. You were late im not waiting forever. He then threated me. Saying dont worry ill get you next time. I demanded off the bus. He once again said Fuck you. At the next stop i got off but he was cute and tried to get my foot jammed in the door. There wont be a next time grant you i will have my car fixed and will be persuing a lawsuit against Coach USA. Since they hire abusive gangbangers and terrorist.

  17. Drizzle says:

    Judging by the comments here this is looking like grounds for a very large class action lawsuits. Lawsuits like this can be very detrimental to the companies future. If there really is no intent of this company to resolve any issues than that would be tge result. I recommend taking police reports. Enough record of incidence can get the ball rolling and peoples damages paid.

  18. Robert Haywod says:

    this is the kind of stuff you experience every day with NJ transit the drivers are horrible

  19. roby noel says:

    21 bus 41 bus are unreliable always fuccin late tired of long waits its dangerous in these Newark streets always late but want all this money for passes just so done with it

  20. J says:

    I do not know what the problem is that drivers on the 39 bus have, but they pull off too damn quick, and never on time regardless of where you wait. The other day one committed a dangerous turn. This took place on 40st, irvington. The license plate oxy4505. I never seen bus drivers so quick to get into traffic without least checking. Someone needs to set them straight, cause i already change buses because of their irresponsible service.

  21. Tonny M. says:

    This bus driver (407) #5932 12/16/16 @ 10:30pm. On 27th and federal st. Cross lane with me with out signal and ran me out on to on coming traffic. I couldn’t f@#$ believe that NJ transit allow these idiot to operate such vehicle. Wtf!!!

  22. Tyron says:

    NJ Transit in Wayne, NJ is the worst bus service!! It is never on time. I can understand five minutes, but 30 minutes is ridiculous. I STRONGLY suggest new bus drivers be hired or new schedules be created. It make no since that these drivers cannot abide by the schedule they make. I don’t know if they are skipping bus stops, but this is the second time it has been almost an hour on a WEEK DAY! At least two buses should come an hour. This is ridiculous. You got me all the way messed up if I’m paying the full bus fare. Until bus drivers can come on time, NJ will be getting half the fare.

  23. LM says:

    I cannot file a complaint on the NJ Transit website as it allows only passengers to file, I was a pedestrian.

    The rude driver on a Saturday in March, 3 p.m. on Bergenline Ave. N. Bergen, #22 Hoboken, bus #6035, seemed of short stature and had glasses around 60, few pounds on, started waving and yelling and pointing at me and pointing at a store, ranting and raving, as I was in the crosswalk, right next to the curb, like the back of me foot was right up against it and I wasn’t going to cross, just waiting to make sure everyone stopped, as I am not like everyone else that walks in front of cars OR buses. He was stopped at the crosswalk anyway then after his tirade he then proceeded forward up to the light a a hundred feet or so going nowhere really. So I walked up to the bus and said what is wrong and anyway I have the right of way. He then opens his window and yells things out of it, which I couldn’t hear as I had already walked away and with the noise too.

    He is a maniac and shouldn’t be driving anything! If I was a man I bet he wouldn’t
    have done that or what about when I was just driving and passed there everyone was crossing in front of cars. I hate when I am minding myself and someone always has something to say. I am going to try to call or somehow file a complaint. You need to teach your drivers about laws and manners.

    Is this what you teach your drivers?? He needs a talking to. It needs to go further!

  24. Tony says:

    I really didn’t want to post any complaints but I have to since bus 76X – 7:14am (going to Newark penn station) didn’t stop on the bus stop (trinity pl & state st intersection in Hackensack) third term me. I work in NJ transit and it’s really dissaponting when I see our bus driver does this. This guy didn’t stop on the bus stop this morning again and now I’m seating in 76 – 7:25am and going to penn plaza and running late at work. Thanks to my coworker 76x 7:14 am bus driver and happy Easter ))

    Best regards,

  25. Angel says:

    These bus that come to Passaic to stop at William Paterson are awful they get lost they arrive late everyday they go through different place to get there everyday I rely on the path of to get here on time please check these drivers they are not taking the route there suppose too

  26. Angel says:

    These bus drivers are taking different routes everyday 30 minutes late sometime longer that why the small buses are being taken more because New Jersey transit Passaic to Wayne to William Paterson are late everyday my child waits for bus on time everyday and bus is late everyday and everyday takes a different route to William Paterson that insane please check these driver they are not doing there job right

  27. Charlie J says:

    Does the 702 bus still run on sat. ?
    waited 3 hours for a bus scheduled every hour.
    on my return trip @3:40 no bus.
    4:40, no bus
    5:40, no bus
    As a matter of fact, no busses ran on that route for the rest of the day.
    Why do I pay $78 dollars a month to ride the bus when I have
    to take a $15 taxi because of bus no-shows ?

  28. Rene Hernandez says:

    I use the new jersey transit service for over twenty-five years.
    I really do not understand why the driver of Route 154, in the 4 pm time, leaving the New York terminal, with # 535250, is not doing his job properly, when he is taking passengers locally, being That hour express (passengers that go of the 32 and bergenline, until the 90 street).
    In addition to not properly complying with his work, he is removing the work that corresponds to bus 88.

  29. Kevin mena says:

    The bus driver for bus 403 #5324 have a problem with customers asking her a question. Why It is her job to answer when the bus is pulling off right? So she got smart for no apperant reason other than. She did not want to be bother but the only reason i ask was because the bus had the not in service sign and on tues. The 16 at 11:30 she had the bus out off service as well. Pulled of the exact same way. Smh

  30. Jose says:

    Today a driver was yelling at me just cause I asked if was going to Lakewood and I told just was a question and even I told him. The o was been nice and just is question and he said to of I cudnt read but the bus was empty when he arrives and some times they cut of the sign of the rout plus he was driving like crazy and blowing the horn to all the cars in traffic and told if i do t like it I can get out. The rout number is 139 the bus number is 8223 and the time is 3:10 in the afternoon I tuck pictures but I don’t know how to post them the driver is a black guy so please tell to have more respect because I was getting upset and he was yelling when more people come to bus
    Thank u

  31. Christian diamangi says:

    On June 13, 2017 107 bus left Irvington bus terminal before 1pm. Even as I waved the female down while she was still in terminal she looked at me and pulled off! Rude and not the first time!!

  32. Mary du says:

    7/24/17 Bus 160 Garfield via meadowland. Doesn’t stop in (the Palisades Ave union city .STOP) an it’s not the first time that the driver do it!

  33. Nimmi says:

    Hi am nimmi, am from india. I have come here to pursue my masters. Like everyday i used to take bus Route no-753 at 5.00pm in dumont. Today as i dnt have my phone with me i was late around 5-10 seconds, inorder to reach on time i ran all the way to the busstop but the dtiver of that particular bus which i have mentioned above she refused to open the door. This is not the first time n everytime she shows racism towards me. Being a patient as this is the only bus which i take evreydayn that too i have come very fast(running) she didnt even show some some respect or else some responsibilty. Because of her i waited for an hour extra to catch the same bus 753 to my home.
    I hope you take right charge on this arrogant lady driver and ask her to learn how to behave with the passengers. Am not a small kid she is hitting on my selfrespect everytime.

  34. jomayra says:

    i took the nj transit bus arround 6:00pm today.from bus stop id 11111 located at carlstard nj.bus #6242..the balck lady that was driving she was readding some papers that she had in her hand.while reading she whent to the wrong route.she wheny back untill she find the right way people telling her the right way…after that she did it again she took one way in the high way everyone was screaming at her..than she turned arround she pick up some peple at the bus stop but she stop a few miles from the bus stop by stoping in the middle of the streets.i wasnt feeling save with her.people like this should be fired asap before soms bad accident could happend

  35. Nancy says:

    I just watched a 165t bus come up the turn lane but instead went straight, across the intersection. This was on Main St in Hackensack at the 7 11, heading north, between 530 and 545 pm. I dont remember the bus number, may be 7488, but it had a yellow Snapple ad on back. I understand there was traffic but it was due to either a train, light or another bus at that intersection. Wasn’t the best move at such a busy intersection.

  36. Evance says:

    I am very dissapointed by what happened today. Why wouldn’t the downtown-bound NJT bus no. 27B stop at HAWTHORNE AVE AT CLINTON PLACE at 4:04 pm (the bus actually passed here at 4:04 pm, though schedule inducates it should at 4:06pm). I’m dissapointed, since I’m likely to be late for my class. It’s also disheartening for a bus to pass me after waiting for over 5 minutes for it. Anyway, I took the 4:14 pm 27R, but I’ll still be late for my class, owing to the fact that the train I ought to catch at Newark Penn Station should be gone by the time I get there. And my aim to catch again an uptown train to Manhattan from NY Penn Station may be interfered with. In short, I’lk be late for my class because the bus 27B couldn’t stop at Hawthorne ave. at Clinton place.

  37. Carlos Espinal says:

    This old man from bus 107X bus # 5426 from 42 bus terminal to Irvington at 8:55pm is late every single night

  38. Sylvia says:

    I always have a problem with the 40 with the driver when he start in North Arlington Loop 8.53 am bus #5791 I take the bus for 20 years all the drivers are nice but this one dont care about customers 3 times i have to nock his door because he play stupid and do not opened for me we go all the ride almost out of our seats because he touch the breaks every 2 minutes if one day he have on accident is going to be NJTransit fault nobody in the bus like him

  39. Kaus says:

    Nj transit sucks more then delaware buses. You can’t keep up with the 3rd smallest state?

  40. Ketia Levine says:

    37 bus from Ewr every 6.00 am from terminal A have a problem.he don’t even ask where are we going he just say .extra fair need to be paid . Something is wrong with that picture

  41. K Miller says:

    NJ Transit Dangerous and Reckless Bus Driver

    I just came across this complaint site. I did not know it was online. I’ve been seeing multiple articles online and social media about a young man by the name Deshon Johnson who was killed by NJ Transit bus driver who was driving bus 709. When I read the articles and saw the pictures. I said Oh, God, I remember this young man and bus driver. I feel it’s my citizen’s duty to report this rude bus driver because I will want someone to do it for my child and me.

    I rode with this young man on bus 709 back in the early week of July 2012. I recalled the dark skin short bus driver with a heavy accent was rude to this young man because he was taken a long time to exit the bus. This ill-manner bus driver was pulling off as the young man was stepping off the bus. The young man told the bus driver are you trying to kill me can you wait to I’m completely off the bus. The driver sucks his teeth and said if you do not hurry off the bus I will. I do not care anything about you, passengers. I thought the bus driver comment was rude and unprofessional. I was seating in the front when all of this took place. I said to the bus driver you did not have to be rude to the young man. He just was trying to check if he had everything before exiting off the bus. The driver told me to shut up and mind my business. I told the driver I am going to call the bus company and report your rude and dangerous behavior. He told me “he does not care you can call them, nothing going to happen to me”.

    I was blown away when I saw this young man picture and this rude ass bus driver linked up with his death. I truly believe in my spirit that the driver meant to do what he has done to this man.

    I hope this wicked bus driver get what’s coming to him. I could not believe he killed that young man. I hope this bus driver go to jail. This bus driver should not be driving a bus or anything with wheels that might put citizens lives in danger. I am sure the driver will lie and said he did not see him or put on the sympathy role for people to feel sorry for him to get out of trouble.

    I witness the driver ignorant, aggressive and treacherous demeanor. Do not let him fool you? I hope this bus driver does not have any children because what he weep is what he will sow there needs to be JUSTICE FOR THIS YOUNG MAN AND HIS MOTHER. I am not speaking of money because money cannot bring this woman son back. The bus driver and the bus company needs to be held a heavy penalty for this young man who died. I’m sure the bus company blames the young man for his death. The bus driver should not get away with killing this guy because running someone over when you see him is not an accident or a crash. It is negligent and murder.

    This is a senseless death that could have been avoiding. It’s sad that the young man did not see what was coming. I am sure he did not want to die.

  42. Joel says:

    Saturday February 24, 2018, 1:40 a.m. EST:

    I was on 54th Street in West NY waiting for The 166 bus. I saw it from a mile away. I decided to wave my hand at the closest light, which was red. It stood there for about 45 seconds, and right before the light turned green I raised my arm and it did not stop. I could have walked in front of the street but I did not want to die nor face a lawsuit. The driver looked at me for a good minute and from 3 blocks away yet he still passed me. I feel these complaints will not go through because of the high volume of complaints and the fact that nowadays people rely on technology to solve their problems, and with cases like this, this was wrong of him but the company would still be on the driver’s side for the sole reason that I do not have any video or recorded info of the bus driver.. sometimes they just don’t pass during rush hour as well and I think the hiring process needs to be changed. I’ve taken the Nj transit bus everywhere in north Jersey to and from the NY terminal and their service is horrible. IF YOURE READING DONT BUY A BUSS PASS, I have one and I have made no use of it because the buses never arrive anyway.

  43. Alba aquino says:

    Bus #6 ocean ave is the worst I’ve been waiting for 50 min. From 8:29 to 9:23 the schedule shows 8:35 and 8:43 no one passed when I call NJ Transit operator was speaking over me. When I asked the driver why 2 buses didn’t pass he said we are running late. That is ridiculous, a shame if nj NJT don’t have enough buses buy more fair is not cheap you do GOOD MONEY. I was late because they are running late. STUPID EXCUSE.

  44. Annie says:

    The 756 might have a time on its own because they never arrive when they are supposed to and that’s really ridiculous
    Can’t be having people especially old folks standing outside waiting for this bus when the drivers arrive on whatever time they feel like. Is thier job so they should be serious with it

  45. Gabriel says:

    Driver of bus number 5663 from hackensack to paterson needs to be fired. Bus line 770 .im not going to stop until he is fired can’t have people driver the bus under the influence of alcohol….this is a serious matter….

  46. Marguerita coulthrust says:

    I were waiting for the 11.42 pm bus which is the last bus on Friday night
    The driver park at the side never pull up to the gate never show the number and drive off the bus without waiting for passengers

  47. Nitesh sharma says:

    The 9:19 am,Bus 40 is always 4 mins ahead of its time.
    The time is never in sync with the app.
    The next bus is after an hour, such low frequency buses should strictly follow the time table.

  48. Cecilia Mesirin says:

    I had an unpleasant encounter this morning with a transit bus driver, bus 92 #6400 going towards branch brook park Newark at around 9:11 to 9:40. I paid 2:20 instead of 2:35 for transfer for my son and I by mistake, but instead of correcting that mistake she insisted I pay adult rate for a child of 11 years old and ended up calling me a tramp. I believe this driver’s indulge in this sort of behaviors only when they are in minority neighborhoods. I do not understand,does their training also involve being rude to customers and name calling. I intend to send my son’s birth certificate to their main office to lodge my complain.i want to send this to news papers that might carry it.

  49. Kashmal says:

    The NJ transit bus# 138 zone 9 is coming too early and doesn’t even wait even if someone is waving to get in ( before time ofcourse) a lot of people are missing the bus eversince the new driver came in

  50. Vee says:

    Waited from 6pm until 830pm for the NJ Transit Bus 164 to show at Godwin and Post towards NYC. No shows with buses passing stating not in service, no passengers.
    No advisories listed that there were no buses servicing this route.
    Had to hire car service to get to my destination.
    What is the deal?

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