How can you claim being a walkable city when our elected officials keep using our very tight sidewalk space for everything but walking? A bill co – sponsored by 17 elected officials allows pushcarts in locations where they could reduce sidewalk space by up to 65%.

We need your help to educate these officials so that they amend the bill.

Please send an Email to Carmen N. De La Rosa,, before Wednesday evening, and tell her that

“We oppose intro T2024-0075 because it could take away as much as 10 ft from our clear path. We need to preserve walking sapce for pedestrians and Commuters. By adding that the carts must be located in the furnishing zone and that there should be a minimum “pedestrian clear path requirement” from the boundary of the vendor cart, the language would automatically take into account the various sizes of obstructions and carts. And the new regulation would accommodate vendors and pedestrians fairly. It would also be simple to communicate to the vendors and NYPD. “

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