We routinely complain to the NYPD  of the traffic agents behavior, of the fact that no moving violations are given to poor drivers and generally that we, pedestrians, do not feel protected. So when one of our members, David Solnick observed an agent doing a great job, he stepped up to the occasion:

“I just went over to the local dispatch office for traffic cops, on 34th St, to commend the work of a particularly competent officer working the difficult intersection of 42nd St and 9th Ave. They seemed very surprised that someone went to the trouble, and didn’t even know what to do with me. Eventually they gave me the name of the manager to write to at the Traffic Division (see contact info below), which I did.”

CHEKPEDS followed suit with a letter  to NYPD higher ranks and received a thank you note from NYPD . This is the second time CHEKPEDS sends such a letter to commend outstanding work by an NYPD agent. The first one was for Timonthy Deas of the Traffic Special operations.

Bravo to David for being so considerate. We applaud his civic sense.

If you see an agent doing a great job, send us name, badge and location and we will send a commendation letter for you.  Lets give the credit when credit is due!

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