Ken Stewart, Public member of Manhattan Community Board 4, and President of the Council of Citizens with Low Vision International (CCLVI), was contacted  by the Parks Department  to collect  specific locations of the most hazardous tree pits in his neighborhood.

We immediately proceeded to help him inventory the hazardous pits: we were shocked that there are 27 of them on 9th Avenue between 42nd and 57th Street!  much more than we anticipated and some are really scary deep.

It would be nice if the Parks Department installed tree guards !

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11 years ago

I would like to suggest that caring for plantings along the 9th Ave bike path be under a shared stewardship arrangement between community volunteers and the DOT and/or Parks Dept. or business improvement district. That way, there may develop a sense of local pride and participation.

I would also suggest that members of the community begin to think about composting our food scraps, such as fruit and vegetable peels and coffee grounds, to help nourish and sustain the plantings. People could take this valuable form of fertilizer to corner bin locations once a week. Otherwise, it goes down the drain or into the garbage and, ultimately, the waste stream.

christine berthet
11 years ago

great idea ..