In spite of many improvements inside the station perimeter the street remains chaotic and the situation is alarming. One has to wonder why the NYPD is not enforcing the most basic laws of the roads.

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Ted L
13 years ago

Where is the NYPD?

A. Drinking their coffee and eating donuts?
B. Collecting, for ignoring the problem.

Isn’t their job to monitor the safety of the public. Considering that an office or two, plainclothes perhaps to issue dozens of tickets a day for a few weeks, with vehicle seizures of scofflaws, will get the word out very quickly.

The potential loss of business for Hess will quickly cause the company to either put up concrete planters, and/or have uniformed employees direct proper traffic flow.

A legal question, can Hess be sued for any accident caused due to improper control?

13 years ago

I doubt it. The problems occur on public space.

Ted L
13 years ago

What if Hess is causing a dangerous situation?

If the City can regulate a private building brickwork to prevent falling bricks onto public spaces, and the building owners can be sued, why not the above?

Might be worth a question to your legal beagles with an appropriate notice sent to Hess as well as the NYPD. And if the NYPD, i.e., Ray Kelly, sits on it, a notice to the NYAG to take hold of the problem. R Kelly may not like that, but it’s us who will suffer the consequences, not him busy in his planning his potential Mayoral campaign.

What about a rally blocking all entrances to the Hess station? Better than a death or two to get some action on a dangerous situation, obviously being ignored by the Commander of the local Precinct for perhaps obvious reasons.