Wednesday March 12th, NY City Council’s transportation Committee will vote on a bill requiring the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) to study and make improvements at crash  locations. This bill would require the DOT to conduct the following three types of safety analysis at traffic crash sites to improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety: Annual Safety Audits of Pedestrian crash  Locations: DOT would be required to report its findings to the local community board and council member whose district the accident location is located. Safety inspections at locations exhibiting a pattern of pedestrian and/or bicyclist crashes:  DOT would be required to act upon the safety recommendations from the inspections, if any, and to make the results of its inspections and recommendations, if any, available to the public upon request. Comprehensive study of pedestrian fatalities and serious injuries: DOT would be required to submit the study to the Council and Mayor. In 2007, the coalition testified at city hearings organized by concil members John Liu and Gale Brewer . We are very encouraged that Intro 199 and 567 are on their way to  become a much needed law.

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13 years ago

[…] plan to address the many corridors and dangerous intersections. This plan had been mandated by the Pedestrian safety law that Council member Brewer and CHEKPEDS members worked hard for in […]