SPEAK UP : tell the Port Authority your priorities

PABT ramps – credit Brian Weber

The public meetings are part of the Port Authority’s robust 120-day public outreach process to solicit comments from elected officials in New York and New Jersey, the City of New York, neighborhood residents, other stakeholders and the public on plans for a new Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Public Meeting , Replacement of the Port Authority Bus Terminal
Wednesday July 10, 4 -8 p.m.
Westin Hotel Times Square , Broadway Ballroom
270 W. 43rd Street (7/8), New York, NY 10036

The Hell’s Kitchen South Coalition has developed a plan endorsed by Manhattan Community Board 4, with the input of many stakeholders in the community. It reflects the feedback collected through many consultations of  community members over the last three years :

The community applauds the approach that does not require the destruction of local properties through “eminent domain”  – but this is not enough. The community asks that :

The facilities MUST house ALL buses that are using the curbside today and provide for their growth. Buses operate or park at the curb because a lack of capacity or ramp compatibility in the Port Authority terminal and parking lots. Our streets and curbs are used as an annex to the PABT operation, PA must address these operations as well as those occurring inside the terminal. Other large cities have shown it is feasible to free curbside from buses – given the political will.

Air quality MUST be addressed in the most aggressive way: ALL facilities must be enclosed with air filtration systems. We have the third worse air quality in the city,  Buses idle everywhere for hours at a time, Lincoln tunnel queues of cars and buses overwhelm our neighborhood for many hours a  day and idle constantly.

Substantial green space MUST be created over the existing Dyer Avenue cuts and parking areas. CB4 is next to last in green space per resident in the city , and Hell’s Kitchen South in particular is not served by any park space.  70 years ago PA left Dyer avenue cuts uncovered: PA must finish the job, cover them and repair the damage that resulted in our community

Affordable housing and retail MUST be included in the plan


New housing must preserve the social diversity of our neighborhood. And affordable goods and services must be provided to current and new residents

The HKSC web site includes links to the HKSC plan presentation and PABT scoping document.

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