Take them off the Road!

As the weather gets nicer, the lines of passengers waiting to board discount buses are growing exponentially . It is also becoming clear that the operator Megabus is much more than a nuisance for residents: it is also a safety risk for travelers and pedestrians alike.

Last week one bus had to go back to the terminal to unload its passengers: it was stopped by Port Authority Police because it exceeded the legal weight. And the next day a driver operating on behalf of Megabus, was arrested after he was found to have a suspended license and one outstanding criminal warrant during a routine inspection . Read More. Quebec has already refused to renew this bus operator’s license for that type of buses. Will it take another tragedy to obtain action here in New York?


asking Senator Schumer to take unsafe bus operators off the road.

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8 Responses to Take them off the Road!

  1. Senator Schumer please put a stop to bus companys in placing profit over peoples lives and take unsafe bus operators off the road.

    Ellen Peterson-Lewis
    Our Streets Our Lives

  2. Pamela Wolff says:

    Please help us control this terrible situation.

  3. Bill Borock says:

    A very wise saying states, An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

    Take the unsafe busses off our streets

    Another wise saying, It’s a no brained

  4. Bob Schwarz says:

    Senator Schumer,
    You have fought hard to save the roads of America. The federal laws regarding weight restrictions are in place for a purpose. Fully loaded, these buses are 2 tons overweight. They have already hit one bridge in your state killing 4 people. The bus riders of NYC have the right to know what is at risk. Please take immediate action to get these buses off of the road. Thank you!

  5. Jordan says:

    But do we really want to have to go down to Chinatown to catch a bus to DC or Philly?

  6. Christine Berthet says:

    As a passenger you can chose to take (foolish) risks in order to get more convenience… but if I am a pedestrian or a bicyclist I do not make those choices. So legal vehicles and licensed drivers is the minimum we can ask.

  7. Maureen Jaconetta says:

    Senator Schumer,
    First, these Megabus vehicles are two tons overweight when carrying a full load of passengers, and secondly, are unfairly being permitted to load and discharge passengers without paying any fees as their counterparts like Greyhound, Peter Pan, Adirondack Trailways, etc. are required to do – mainly because Megabus vehicles do not properly fit inside the Port Authority! Doesn’t sound like a fair playing field to me. As one who has frequented intercity bus service in the past and will continue to do so in the future, I strongly urge you to enforce these laws that were put in place for a legitimate reason….to insure the safe operation of intercity motorcoaches. Please get these illegals off the road permanently, before other people are injured or killed – one incident is one too many!

  8. Karol Birdsall says:

    As a Driver who is required to keep all my driving credentials up to date and follow all the rules of the road, I feel Mega Bus Drivers are getting away literally with Murder! (IE: 4 killed upstate)

    They are over the weight limit and are creating dangerous situations every day. If Greyhound, Peter Pan, and all the other Bus Companies out there must pay to go into the Port Authority and SAFELY load thier passengers, why should Mega Bus be allowed to load UNSAFELY on the street and for free???

    Take em off the road before more people are killed or injured!

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