At the end of last year, the Borough Board passed a resolution related to New Pay Phones.  Then,  a group of Community Board representatives met with DoiTT staff who outlined his intent to make the new pay phones as attractive to the community as possible.
The phone booth contract renewal is now headed by the Senior Associate Commissioner at DoiTT. The Draft RFI is being circulated  among other agencies, including the DOT, before being shared with the community. This will take place in 2 to 3 months. Further DoiTT is considering various options to organize a design competition. If you recall , such a competition was one of our requests.
Last week Council Member Gale Brewer sent a letter to DoiTT and CB4 has been in touch with DOT to share our work to date and our wishes as articulated in the Borough Board Resolution.
It also appears that Pacific Telephone is replacing 100 existing installations with what they dubbed Public “Pay phones of the future” .
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