YOU WON! The City will build Raised Pedestrian Crossings!

As part of the Participatory Budgeting organized for the first time by Council Member Corey Johnson,  you joined 535 other residents of Chelsea and Hell”s Kitchen in voting for Pedestrian Safety.  This project will get $ 250,000 in funding and we hope it will be installed in a few locations.

The first location is West 45th Street and 9th Avenue at the west crossing of 45th Street where two of our neighbors were killed over the years. The second is the west crossing of 25th Street and 8th Avenue were residents gathered 1,000 signatures to gain improved safety. Hopefully more will be added once the exact cost is known.

THANK YOU for coming out in large numbers. Special thanks to Jordan Caldwell Baker who used his enormous talent to create this stunning animation and to Kathleen Treat and Lorena Camacho who worked tirelessly to get out the votes!


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  1. Bravo! Hopefully we’ll see many more of these.

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