Another safety improvement on W42nd Street and 8th Avenue

Step by step this intersection is getting better, although it is so bad, you can hardly notice the progress !


Pedestrians crossing at the north of the intersection, now have the priority, while the turn signal for eastbound motorists who make a left turn on 8th Avenue has been moved to the end of the cycle .

As a result, most conflicts between cars and pedestrians will be eliminated. A similar treatment on westbound W42nd Street at 9th Avenue resulted in a 53% reduction in injuries over 5 years. Thank you DOT for these life-saving changes.

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3 Responses to Another safety improvement on W42nd Street and 8th Avenue

  1. Ted Leibowitz says:

    About time! What took so long?

  2. Steve S says:

    Are we really now saying “conflicts between cars and pedestrians” instead of “being hit by a car”??

  3. Team Chekpeds says:

    getting too politically correct .. it’s a disease..

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