Slide2Two years ago, following a cyclist’s death at Chambers Street, CHEKPEDS sent a letter to our elected officials and NYS DOT asking them to better protect Greenway. Cyclists have experienced many near misses, when southbound drivers turn west and cross the Greenway.  Senator Brad Hoylman ordered a study of the West Side Highway and the Greenway and NYS DOT just presented its findings and action plan. Better yet, the implementation starts immediately.

A number of treatments are included: more time to cross the highway for pedestrians and split phase signals that ensure NO conflicts between vehicles and Pedestrians/Bicyclists on the greenway. The speed on the highway will be limited to 30 mph –  down from 35  – and traffic lights will be adjusted accordingly. This is progress.

Unfortunately north of 13th Street, the plan is lacking. NYS DOT and NYC DOT are getting back to us with a follow up action plan from 14th to 57th Streets. We are keeping tabs.

Click Here to see the full presentation 


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Allen Oster
Allen Oster
4 years ago

This is progress. There are several areas along the highway between 23rd street and 34th streets that have security and safety issues.
1. 26th street crossing into HRP: for hire cars are stopping on the highway to drop off and pick up passengers who are often going or leaving the Frying Pan. These cars and yellow cabs are stopping on the highway causing traffic behind them to unexpectedly have to stop.
2. 29th street crossing into HRP: unauthorized vehicle can enter the park and proceed onto the pedestrian walkway along the river.
3. 30th street heliport: To my observation, there is no attempt to determine who is entering the parking area at the heliport. In addition, vehicles driving south on the highway have the green light to make a right turn to enter the parking area. Bikers and pedestrians have the same green light. To my observation, there is no consistent attempt at managing the traffic. Vehicles will stop on the highway, partially in the bike lane to wait for a clear path into the parking lot causing traffic to come to a stop or swerving into the middle lane.

Team Chekpeds
Team Chekpeds
4 years ago

Good points -I shared them with Brad Hoylman’s team and the DOT.