Now that a legislation is on its way for bus stops , CHEKPEDS has been busily preparing a tool to educate bus drivers . The maps show all the legal parking spots including the 44 new ones we obtained last year. It also shows them how to reach these spots legally without crossing residential neighborhoods. On the back (below) it shows them how to go from the theaters to the Lincoln tunnel legally without using residential streets.  We will send those to the 750 bus companies we have contact for and to their associations. The precincts have expressed interest in their officers distributing the maps . We will be happy to come to your next Block Association meeting and give you as many you need.

Whenever a bus is parked illegally in your street, you can go to the driver and give him a map. Tell him that the community has worked to open a lot of new legal parking dedicated to buses since last year , and that he should try it. Remind them that driving through residential areas is illegal and to follow the routes designated on the map.

Now if everything fails, Tim Tanner of the 45th Block Association gives us a very useful number: Traffic Enforcement dispatch number: 212-268-1640 (they actually do respond and do write tickets). Thank you Tim.

You can click here and here to download the front and the back of the maps , or send us a note at  to pick up a stack of maps.  They were designed by Sam Schwartz Engineering , a reputed firm in the field, thanks to a generous grant from Borough President Scott Stringer. Sam Schwartz donated the printing.

We do not expect miracles, this is only a step in the right direction , but every step gets us closer to the goal. Let us know how it works …

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11 years ago

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