SPEAK UP: Enough band aids! Let’s fix the bus issue once and for all!

Although we have scored many successes in our battle to rid our streets of buses, we are still losing the war:  curbside parking is disappearing as development in Hudson Yards accelerates, while the need to bring ever more tourists is growing. We need a bus garage to be built , a permanent solution the City promised in the 2005 Hudson Yards Rezoning.
Now we have a unique opportunity to push for it :

the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC) is updating the 25 year Regional Transportation Plan, a strategic blueprint for how the federal and state transportation funding should be spent  in our region. Public input is accepted as we speak.


ASK  for a BUS GARAGE to be included in the plan .

You can make it happen by VOTING for the idea HERE

NOTE : the site requires you to create a user id and password , but it is well worth the effort. You will be able to vote for other safety initiatives  to be included in the plan (see below).

Manhattan Community Board 4 sent a resolution to NYMTC and our elected officials, asking for the following ideas to be included in the plan, in addition to a bus garage. Click on each idea that you want to vote for:

CHEKPEDS has also asked for the following ideas to be included in the plan in addition to the above. Click on each idea that you want to vote for:

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