Elected officials ask DOT to resolve loading issues on 34th Street

After many months of community petitioning and multiple letters from CB4 ,  Speaker Christine Quinn wrote a terrific letter asking the DOT to address remaining problems with the Select Bus service Transitway design : The letter was signed by many elected officials representing the residents and businesses along the 34th Street route.

IN particular the letter focuses on merging the bus stops on the East side of Dyer Avenue to free up space.

It is important that the community continues to press the case and shares its preference for the new bus stop location at the next Transportation Committee of CB4 . Note new Location:

CB4 Transportation Committee
Wednesday , June 20th , 6:30 p.m.
554 W 53rd Street

We are encouraged that DOT and Port Authority are working with the Community Board to make this happen. Now NYPD needs to be shown that closing Northbound Dyer Avenue at peak hours will not overwhelm 10th Avenue with traffic. DOT is working on achieving this result.

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