Pedestrian Safety advances: 3 new Protected Pedestrian Crossings

At the September CB4 Transporation Committee Meeting, the Department of Transportation indicated they were proceeding with the installation of split LPIs at the following locations

@ 8th Avenue on W 31st Street (approved)
@ 8th Avenue on W 38st Street (approved – fatality)
@ 11th Avenue on W 37th Street (approved – fatality)

IMG_5608A split LPI signal consists of a red arrow that gives to pedestrians 10 seconds of exclusive crossing time on the side street, before a blinking yellow arrow let vehicles turn while urging caution .

DOT also indicated that 9 more locations were pending approval internally:

@ 8th Avenue on W 30st Street (pending approval)
@ 8th Avenue on W 36st Street (pending approval)
@ 8th Avenue on W 50th Street (pending approval)
@ 9th Avenue on W 45th Street (pending approval)
@ 9th Avenue on W 47th Street (pending approval)
@ 9th Avenue on W 49th Street (pending approval)
@ 9th Avenue on W 53rd Street (fatality) (pending approval)

Needless to say they got a round of applause for these proposals.  But the letter sent by CB4  continues to ask for mitigation at many more  locations:

  • At the priority intersections in CB4 listed in the Vision Zero Pedestrian Safety Action Plan
  •   On 39th Street, turning south on 9th Avenue
  •   On 40th Street turning south on 9th Avenue (Tunnel traffic)
  •   On 9th Avenue, turning west on 45th Street
  •   At all intersections along the bike lanes from 30th to 57th Streets where turn baysare already in place, and particularly in the midtown segment where fatalities have occurred and the commuting drivers are the most aggressive.

CHEKPEDS is entering the 2018 Participatory Budget,  with a project to install signals at 11 of our most dangerous intersections.

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