On February 14, 2023, at 10 a.m. the City Council Transportation Committee will hold a hearing on a flurry of bills. Three of them are of particular interest:

Res 0441-2022 – Amada Farias  – to make the 5 mph limit enforceable.

Int 0805 – 2022 Jumaane Williams – to increase the frequency of pedestrian safety reporting. We wish this produced a list of 150 objectively most dangerous intersections that must be completely fixed during the following three years. This list should be conveyed to Community board and elected officials with an estimated date for the fixes. 

Int 0854-2022 – Selena Brooks Power – to require daylighting at 100 intersections. Ideally it should be combined with neck downs to give pedestrians a shorter crossing . The bill should also bar DOT or anyone  from installing new parking regulations or permanent installations  in the first two parking spaces at all intersections where they could reduce line of sight ( EV charging , deliveries and carshare) .

Overall we want to implementation of he Master Plan to be accelerated.

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