One Step Away from final Approval

NYMTC (New YOrk Metropolitan Transporation Council), the regional organization that supervises the disbusremnt and propere ustilization of Transpoartation Federal Funds for teh region just published its 2007 budget proposal.
Teh study the coalition requested last year of “Lincon Tunnel entrnaces, with a special focus on 9th Avenue and pedestrian safety ” is included with a budget of $ 250,000.

While It is not final until the funds have been voted in Waashington, this is as close as we have ever been to a comprehensive, multi agency rethink of the Lincoln tunnel flows and their effect on our neighborhood. The final funding will be released in April.

In the meantime , the 9th Avenue Renaissance project is gatehreing invaluable information from the community on the various problems and solutions that need to be studied, with a clear end result in mind.

click here to Read the Budget Entry

click here to Read the Original Request

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